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"S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel are reminded that, regardless of their personal tastes, neither Justin Bieber, nor Rebecca Black are considered “the most illustrious bards of this age,” and it is now a punishable offense to instruct those not familiar with modern Earth that this is the case." - Director Fury
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Matt H
Good one, but the ones referencing Black Widow and her love of chocolate cracked me up. xD
We had a hard time picking which ones to post. There's different ones on our Twitter & Facebook. We figured the Bieber joke was safest here. ;-)
and it's created on a typewriter?
+ThinkGeek Are you not aware of how rabid JB's people are?! o.O No one here is safe now. :P
Love the letter. Those "off-worlders" need educated. It would be like trusting Twilight to teach them about vampires. It just isn't right. :P
If the memo is dated this month, why does it look like it was written on a typewriter? Surely S.H.I.E.L.D. is at least rocking Vista at this point.
I just imagine he prefers the typewriter and no one in the IT department is brave enough to ask Nick Fury to upgrade.
+Jeremy Bland Disagreeing on the order:
Rock > Gaga > Black* > JB.
* b/c the song, when covered by others, is semi-decent.
Also, SHIELD has such a weak grasp of the importance of physical security that someone could waltz right up to Director Fury and read over his shoulder. Maybe they figured that out after Agent Barton took out the Helicarrier.
once again I get to question the future of our species
not talking about them makes them go away.. nice :)
Pages and pages of Fury seasoned humor in office memo form.
Lol :D Can't wait for the Nick Furry movie to come out! 
But it will probably take a few years :(
And this is why S.H.I.E.L.D. is amazing.
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