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In case you were wondering what's in +Steve Wozniak's travel backpack, it's enough to fill 7 TSA bins at the airport. Full list:
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And I feel bad when I travel with my iPhone, iPad and my Kindle. 
Steve Jobs would never have a Samsung Galaxy phone in his possession.
Batman has his utility belt, The Woz has this.
Because you never know when you'll need it +Tom Scott. He's a geek. He's ready for anything. Be it reading, playing (also has Gameboy Light), work, etc.
I want to know what kind of bag he carries all of that in!
We have this room reserverd. Do you mind moving to the next room? Then, you can have this one back. We'll only be about 5 min.
Seriously, Keith? That sounds awesome. How can I reserve future discussions of Steve Wozniak's gadget bag?
This is so not funny. My husbands bag contents look very similar, as matter of fact I searched and searched for the bag he has now and came across "the bag of holding" from think geek. It is the only bag that has held up to his geeky abuse
I wonder if he just says "let's go boys" and they all sprout little robot arms and legs and follow him wherever he goes.
+Jimmy Sanders singing a jaunty tune as they walk single file behind him?
+Eric Cheng I believe he got one (or maybe both) for free from the guys at Google. There should be a picture floating around the internet of him receiving it from them in front of the Android mascot.
ThinkGeek, I love you, but Wozniak is clearly a total cock and there is literally no need for the majority of that kit.

There's cool, there's quirky, and there's downright douchebagginess.  This is the latter.
OK - Now I don't feel so bad. We travel with about 6 computers, 4 ipads, 3 smart phones, 2 DS's, 3 cameras plus lenses and all the cables and chargers needed. But that's for my whole family, not just me.
He should get an Android phone instead of all those Apple devices... My travel bag is much smaller. ;)
+Ben Norris calling Woz a douche shows no knowledge of the man. I'd recommend doing some research on his considerable amount of charity and lack of selfishness, both public and private.
I really want to know how he uses all those phones.
It makes perfect sense seeing that he is the father of pretty much all those devices. Without +Steve Wozniak where would we be?
and I thought I carried too much tech in my bag...
GOD,I wish I had any of that gear damn man.
if he got rid of those idevices, he would save a ton of space
So, +Steve Wozniak himself owes 3 Android phones and 2 iPhones. Oh, the irony!!! Regardless, we have deep respect for you, Mr. Wozniak.
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could carry one or two devices that did all of that?  Wait a minute...
Guess the Woz isn't any part of the eco friendly movement.
Cool to look at...absolutely silly in practice...
How does he know which phone to answer when he hears the ringing?
There are so many interesting solutions in his travel combo. The prism glasses are very interesting. 
+Chris Hall According to +Steve Wozniak 's Q&A on +Gizmodo he doesn't have anything against Android. He did give a nice backhanded comment about BB though (hehe). 
Look iCrap!(sorry but somebody had to say it)
You can spot an Android user by how much he bags Apple. You can spot an Apple user by how much he doesn't acknowledge the existence of any other technology. Woz is in a different league.
Overgeekery. Who am I to judge, though? I don't carry around all of my gadgets but they probably tip the scales close to this mess. 
Wow! Last flight I took, I had to remove my iPad and a book from my carry-on just to get my MBP onboard. The airline had a measly 5 or 6kg carry-on allowance. 
Half the stuff seems to be Janet's... and half of each arms to be work. It's not that these don't count, rather they are somewhat circumstantial.
For someone who claims WP7 is better than android, I don't see any windows phone there
Wow and it is embarrassing to me when I travel with a tablet, two cellphones and a kindle.
i see iOS and Android, but no Windows Phone. What conclusions can we draw from this? Although he wouldn't need the GPS devices if he had a Lumia that comes with Nokia Drive
WOW! That is WAY too many things! Those poor circuit breakers. LOL but seriously, what's with all the tech? Would you really be using every single one of these things during your trip?
He really carries that much with him? Has he ever had cancer or has any growing in him? If not, that'd blow the notion that mobile devices cause cancer out of the water...
Weeeeell shit I was  gonna say  that looks almost  like too much and now after reading  whats what  its   quiet Logical  XD
+Meranda Nicholes most SeV clothing could hold all that, see the Revolution plus on think geek. And Think Geek also has a briefcase type thing that's like the bag of holding but is a bit more rigid and profesional looking.
I need all of thous things :)
I usually have a PDA (iPod touch) tablet and smartphone (both Android) and maybe a laptop with GNU/Linux and Windows on it (duel boot) along with cables and some battery packs, but wow...
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