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Step 1: Google "zerg rush." Step 2: Enjoy.
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And by that you mean 'click frantically and wish for a nuke'

And I can state that searching for SCV to get some of your results repaired does not work
well there goes the work day, definitely not getting anything done today now!!
AHHH my links. and good game my foot i couldn't even fight back.
One of these days, they're gonna get Google blocked in the enterprise ;-)
I watched through once and went "haha how clever, they spell GG. But what is the apm count for? and the share score button? Let's restart... OH MY GOSH YOU CAN KILL THEM!"

and then it was ON
I think I need to play some SCII tonight!
I'm so gonna get google blocked at work one of these days
Oh snap! A Google at my web page (and my baby)! :P
That is such a "D:" moment when you realize what's going on.
82 kills at 340 APM (I used my touchpad and mouse at the same time :D)
Thank you so much for this. My employer also thanks you. +Google : You rock!
That's awesome... only 18 kills though... I suck.
I thought to myself, not only is this a Starcraft thing, but it also reminded me of the cascade virus sort of.
The one I found before is do a barrel roll.
I'm waiting for the Leeroy Jenkins version
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