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Ever get the feeling we pick things up because we want a sample? Mass Effect M-8 Avenger replica, random t-shirt grab bag, Doctor Who Bathrobes, 16 new shirts, & more:
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I'm a HUGE Mass Effect fan but $650 is too expensive for my taste.
I was excited for a minute. Kinda looks like a spinfusor.
+Joel Thibault if ThinkGeek starts carrying replica mechs or other District 9 munitions, I will be broke for life.
+Charles Bosse I would take up a second job lol for some D9 replicas ! :)
+Blair Skrupski Not really cheaper. The only ME3 replica Project Triforce has is the pistol at half the weight and a third of the size of the assault rifle here, and for only $250 less. Take factors like size, weight and the extra material/time to make the more expensive rifle and the pricing seems to even out.
I personally think you lot enjoy whipping a certain demographic into a frenzy by teasing them with rear and hard to find items before anybody else can.And doing this is maybe cheaper then conventional therapy and easer then being on Jerry Springer. p.s. keep up the fine work
+Yanick Savain Well Thinkgeek is charging $650 for the rifle and the pistol is only $100, so actually it's $550 savings. And of course the pistol will weigh less and be smaller, that comment made no sense. The pricing does not even out.
Good to know you silly monkeys you
No, I do not buy, I do not have so much money, but this pistol cool!!!!.
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