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We're just going to leave this here and wish your coworkers good luck.
April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Jorg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel demonstrates for Businessweek how to make a pencil shooter from commonplace items sitting around your office. (Source: Bloomberg)
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I see thousands of office workers going to urgent care to get pencil projectiles removed from their appendages...
lol, good think we have first aid kits in the office. . .
this is going to come in VERY handy in our department, as we're known to throw our office supplies any time the sales people come near.
Next week, how to turn your credit card into a shuriken.
Time to order some Swingline red staplers...
I was doing some of this when I worked in IT. Brings back memories.
I was hoping for how to build a trebuchet out of common office supplies, so I could lay siege on the break room.
Those metal Slurpee straws you can get from 7-11 combined with push pins make wicked blowguns.
I feel if i click that link from my office pc, i will be
Bookmarked. This will be useful in the comming Office Wars.
ok... nice.. but.. like kid.. :)
Boring. Hoped he'd come up with something remotely interesting.
My home schooled teenagers inform me they don't need these instructions. (Hint- protractors make great chakrams)
geez. Really?! Next time try something creative. My brothers were making their own catapults by 3rd grade. A pencil shooter's nothing.
I love how the top comment on the video is a grammatically incorrect "what about the childrenz!!!111!!!" rant.
+David Grimberg , when my youngest child was 5 he built a trebuchet out of string, a garden rake and some bricks (in addition to the projectiles) . Sent his big brother to the ER.
Beats throwing pencils into the drop ceiling. :)
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