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When your kids want a TARDIS, not a treehouse, this is how you do Halloween. (via
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Alex D
Wasn't the picture taken at the Dr Who experience in Cardiff? 
I was there last week, there were two little kids dressed as 10 and 11, walking around the expo, taking pictures and waving their sonic screwdrivers at daleks and cybermen. Awesome. 
So darn full of parenting win.
There is just too much adorable here. I bet they just all yelled "Geronimo!"
These are wonderful children. But I'm slightly scared of the one in the middle.
I have a 3year old almost 4 and Iknow if she was to wathc Dr/Who she would def get nightmares. All for her to watch it when she gets older but I think what is cool for us might not be the best for young ones.
That little dalek looks like hes in trouble... How adorable!
I am like this. Exactly like this....
love how sci fi passes the greats from one gen to the next.
Oh. Awesome idea!! They r soo cute. Amy Pond running off with the doctor!!! Why is the dalek holding their hands? Lol. Adorable!
Eggs... eggs.... eggs... eggs...ter... minate.
These children and their parents are amazing...haha
The parents of these children are brilliant, actually the entire family is. i give it two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh, if only you could get a TARDIS
I wonder if the littlest one ran around screaming  " EXTERMINATE!" that day?
 I would totally have my non existent kids dress up like this for Halloween. XD
Somehow, I don't think that handing out fish fingers and custard to those who come to your door would go over very well.
These are my friends (and I) on halloween- literally.
love it thats me with my brothers for halloween.
Just too damn cute for words.
We have a doctor, the master, a dalek, two weeping angels, astronaut River,
regular River and a centurion.
Tia McI
They r sooo cute!!!! :-)
I wish I had a tardis. plus, is your treehouse bigger on the inside? 
thank you!! Every child should have a tardis. 
AMY POND!!!!AAAAAHHHHHH!(this is me hyperventilating in case u hadn't  already figured that out)
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