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Today in Geek History: Happy National Grammer Day! Time to correct all you're friend's G+ posts. Dont worry, they'll appreciate it!
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um... "time to correct all your friends' G+ posts"

your not you're and friends' (it's plural) not friend's (that wold be the posts belonging to a single friend)
*grammar *Youre (not you're) *Don't (apostraphe!) *appreciate
+Shalmendo Glineux  Silly Gargoyle it's Your (not youre or you're) 
but you have a wonderful tagline and profile pic! 
I hope you have more than one friend.  In that case, use friends'.  (And here I thought we were paying tribute to the guy that played Frazier.....)
Time to correct all YOUR friend's G+ posts. (Hope you appreciate this correction, +ThinkGeek ) :)
Will they? I find people think it generally displeasing to have their grammar corrected. However, this fact does not usually stop me from doing it. 
You should of went to Facebook to post this.
I would like to point out that the original post, in a lame attempt to troll, used a spelling error (Grammer) which in itself is not a grammatical error unless it confuses the spelling of two parts of speech.
I love how think geek put grammar errors in their posts so people can correct them on it.
Actually, using "grammer" for "grammar" is not an error in grammar, it's a misspelling. 
Surely a grammar error is a grammatical error in itself, no?
well trolled. Well trolled, indeed. 
Lol, that's what I get for being a smartass!

+Doug Wolfe I like your profile as well, and your tagline. Well met, friend! I took an education in computer networking myself!
+Philip Volkes Double correction. It should be a lot (two words), or better I frequently correct others' errors
Nobody should correct people. Hitler, Mao and a few others tried and failed at that. I'd be surprised if you saw yourself as a member of that company :-) 
Don't you people realize that the grammar mistakes in these posts are intentional?
Also, use propositions to end sentences with!
Y iz it know persons is goin too  kare? Does u no?
It's 'your' guys that's grammatically inaccurate
Why does my red pen not work on the monitor!?!?!?! GAAAHHHHHH!!!!! twitch It's still incorrect... twitch sob
Sorry grandma, for the confusion...
My grammar is Perfect, I Never use Capital's where I should'nt, and I keep My Apostrophe's where they Need to be.
Me have bad gramma? That's umpossible!
I know someone who says that people do not have time to use proper grammar or spelling and that the reader should know what is meant. As a result of these two facts, this person says that it is bad etiquette to correct anyone's grammar or spelling, and that the reader should just accept what is written and move on.
+Barnett Hsu I agree that it's really bad etiquette to correct someone about anything unless you have the authority over them to do so. However, it's total B.S. that people don't have time to use proper grammar. They just are too lazy or stupid to use it.

I would say that when writing in any medium, be as proper as appropriately possible for that medium, take a minute to re-read before sending, posting, or publishing, and be sure to eliminate language that could be taken in multiple ways to prevent offending the reader as much as possible. When reading, try to understand the purpose behind the writing (perhaps the bad grammar is intentional and meant to highlight something), be forgiving of non-professional writing that contains genuine typos or mistakes, and generally allow some leeway before turning into the grammar nazi. It's a two-way street.

Now, a professional post or publication, where there is (or should be) a paid editor on staff, has no excuse for bad grammar or spelling, unless it is done with obvious intent.
I don't usually make grammar errors, but when I do, they aint not grammarically uncorrect.
Myself have gooder grammaral skils then u
In what nation is this grandma day!
+David Cluck yes, I can't believe how many people didn't get it, and kept correcting the same things over and over. Gotta hope they feel good about it or something.
hpy ntl grmr dai to evrywon i hait u all n hop dis sintis maks u angre
:) That's hilarious. It may just be because I read this post at an unearthly time in the morning, but I could have sworn it looked off. Why do British spellings make more sense!?
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