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You are not hallucinating. This is a dog dressed as 2 pirates carrying a treasure chest. (via
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Wow, that is a whole lot of awesome!
Normally I disapprove of dressing up animals, but this makes the rare exception list.
so cruel he or she looks tight (meaning mad)
This requires video.
"This dog is dressed as two pirates carrying a treasure chest. Your argument is invalid."
I thought ThinkGeek was going to post different things to the different social networks :-(
Not big on dressing up pets, but this is amazingly creative!
Woof. Aaaaaarrrrgghh. Super!
now I know where McDonalds have nicked their ad campaigns from :)
Thats so awful to the dog! but haha to whoever thought that up!
+Lindsey Geisz if you want to tell people to shut up and watch their mouth, go back to facebook. Arent you too young to be on G+ anyway??
That....that is something else..
+Chris Osborne If she's too young for G+, then she's DEFINITELY too young for Facebook. lol (There's no age requirement on either, so chill already. She's a kid; cut her some slack. ;) )
+Liz Alexander No, if she wants to talk to adults like that then adults are free to talk back to her the same way. "Cutting her slack" because of her age is a poor excuse for her to be rude to someone over something she doesnt understand, especially when he already censored himself.
I don't see a difference between a dog costume ball and that ''toddlers and tiaras'' show. Both way leisured people mistreat the ones who cannot oppose.
+Chris Osborne Whatever, dude. If you want to argue with 12-year-olds on the Internet, then that's your business. :)
+Liz Alexander Only one arguing here is you, Ive had ONE interaction with her and that was merely telling a rude child to not be rude to people... but twist the facts as you wish. Have a great day.
Wow pretty big deal over the most grammatically unfunctional word the world has ever known. Google Plus is a big place so talk to the kids nicely please.
+David Klein I know, right? lol Anyways, the treasure pirate dog is cute! ^_^
I dont know what's more hilarious. . . . . .the picture or the arguing in the comments. I love you google + (and Thinkgeek to).
looks to me like the butt's carrying all the load...
Does this come in size miniature? My dog would "love" it!
And ya still wonder why dogs bit there master's....
You almost need drugs to understand this picture.
yea its like... man that dog... hes stealing the treasure!
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