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This is what happens when you sync your camera shutter to the speed of helicopter blades. Eye-boggling!
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CONSPIRACY THEORY! ... This is proof the army has in fact invented anti-gravity! ... I reckon we should plug this, see how long it will take the crazies to actually believe it.
Need, the following warning on the camcorder...

"The rotors in your viewfinder, maybe moving faster than they appear"
The same thing happens with car wheels in videos or commercials. They also sometimes appear to spin backwards.
I saw one do that in Bosnia...It ended badly..... :)
Now is that any way for a lady to speak.
There are 5 identical rotor blades, so it also works if you set shutter to 1/5 of the rotor spin, or any fraction, or multiple of 5 of the spin.
why thank you! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
I could understand what happens in my head, but still amazing!
Ow... the more you think about it, the more it hurts your brain...
lol and how does the helicop move so fast?? lo damn editors -.-
that is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Refreshingly, there's no spin that will work for that - neat!
Yeh, but everyone knows helicopters can't fly and the camera never lies! ;-)
Or does it?
Nice piece of film.
Excellent use of camera-trickery.
In case anyone's wondering, the helicopter is a Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship.
Since the blades did move some, which timing was less stable, that of the camera shutter or that of the rotor engine?  The rotor might have been facing some variation in forces, but would that overcome the angular momentum?
Wow that was a lot or words I didn't understand but they sounded awesome at the same time...
On subsequent viewing it appears that any change in relative position of the blades is related to forces and maneuvers, so the camera shutter intervals appear to be the most stable.
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,ganun pala un,parang ndi na gumagalaw!,,
That's plain cool.  Wish I could think of things like that
A Hind D?!  Colonel, what's a Russian gunship doing here?!
How much is the shutter speed now ?
What the bloody hell? how is that possible?
It is possible because when every frame that is captured, the blades are at the same place in their path around the helicopter.
The shadow of the blades follow too. Way cool. 
I always thought that the blades would change speed with what they were doing! Great footage!
It's the same way that wheels turn backwards on cars in old TV shows.
Thanks for sharing!! That was wicked!
What's the deal with the tail rotor?
mi-24 the outcome of the marriage of a helicopter and a tank 
+Dennis David I'm not an expert here, but my guess is that, since the tail rotor isn't the same size as the main rotor, it will run at a different speed. If that speed isn't a multiple of the main rotor's speed, you'll see motion.
+Kelvin Mead Helicopters control altitude with the Collective control, which changes the pitch of the rotor blades. Rotors operate at a single speed (within in a limit of speeds, in reality). Essentially you don't use throttle (IE increase rotation) to increase altitude like you would do to increase speed with a propeller driven airplane. You can find some basic info here.
"Eye-boggling" is the perfect word for it.
Have you seen the reports on femto-photography? Catch photons in flight it does.
Darin H
Simple & Genius 
this'll sound nerdy but is the back spinner thing moving faster or slower?
I knew it!!  The military have perfected anti-grav!!  They knew about the Higgs boson the whole time and they kept it from us!  LOL
Thats pretty cool. Does anyone got minecraft and can create a server. 
+Kelvin Mead : Agreed. Unless you had a way to transmit the rotor speed on-the-fly and have the camera synchronize with the up-to-the-millisecond frequency they would occasionally start to drift. Alternatively, you could make the camera oversample and just have video software select/interpolate the right frame.
That's not called syncing your camera.
That's called stalling ;)
It's really a syncronized frame rate, not shutter speed, right?  Maybe I'm just old school, but to me, "shutter speed" refers to how long the aperture is open. 
+J.D. Hughes ( Presumably RE: +Katie Tuohy ) : forget considering whether she's a lady or a gent. that's really no way for any of us to talk but, we do. Remind me not to do the same thing. I'd really like to raise the standards of public discourse on the internet especially here on Google+.
The magic of flight and light and mechanisms -
When the car tires go so fast they appear to go backwards it's called "point blimfark" look it up.
The tail rotor usually turns 3-6 x per main rotor RPM depending on the helicopter. That variance combined with the fact that the tail rotor has 3 blades vs 5 on the main means your camera can only make 1 set of blades appear still. 
Are you sure it didn't just get the new antigravity drive?
Unbelievable. I definitely need to widen my vocabulary for this video. Just damn cool
+Zach Argyle No nerdyness about it. Look at the title. The reason the tail blades are even moving is because they are moving faster than the sync. Better go back to math class.  Om tat sat.
For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing at this... Looks so weird and funny.
Hind Mi-24D aka "The Flying Bathtub" at your service!
Looks like some guy just tied a clear thread to the top of a model copter, then had a friend turn on a fan, added sound effects and filmed him from below.  
+Kevin Mead No, the rotors essentially rotate at a constant rpm, while the pitch of each rotor is collectively modulated to control vertical speed, and differentially modulated to control horizontal speed.
Fake. The tail propeller is still in motion.
+Saul Veles the tail rotor spins faster than the top rotor so the camera shutter speed doesn't match.
the camera is synched with the front prop. not the tail, the tail spins at a different speed
On the H-46, we used a stobe light sith a sensor on the transmission to track the blades, that is to make sure they were all spinning on the same plane.  So imagine what it is like to be inside the helo and see the blades appear to stop. :)  They say the blades are actually just a big fan. The proof of that is, if the blades stop, the pilots REALLY sweat.
JP Lang
Awesome. I wonder if the pilot has seen this footage? "I thought something felt different about that flight."
Yeh. The matrix suffered a graphical glitch.
I love all the faketards on this thread. Which is more likely:

A Photographer (okay videographer) got bored and twiddled with FPS settings in his camera till he got this very cool and highly interesting effect...


Some guy decided to painstakingly and time-intensively edit a video to FLAWLESSLY reproduce the effect. Why? To hoodwink you, naturally!

Also, the tail rotor spins faster because it's geared differently than the main rotor.
Would have been handy to know when they were testing the new presidential helicopters in Montrose, CO.
Just the same effect as a strobe light in sync.
Just goes to show not to believe everything you see!
I was under the impression that both rotors need to spin at the same speed in order for the tail rotor to compensate for the torque 
So why is the blade in the back still moving?
Thats a great video, you actually get to see how the rotors lift.
Do you suppose the tail is going faster or slower than the shutter?
This is an old video, there was no "syncing", it was an older type camera with a crummy FPS.  Dumb luck.
That was so cool!! So, what happens if you match the speed someone's walking/running speed? Can someone try it?
Like they are not moving at all
I did that in a dark room with a strobe light and my ceiling fan like 30 years ago :P   It looks for all the world like you could reach your hands between the blades....
oh you could reach your hand between the blades, I am sure of it. Result uncertain. 
Gah my brain! Feels like I'm watching a glitchy video game
Cmon guys this isnt really some tricky video effect, the helicopter in the video actually does have stationary blades. The Pentagon is funding some experimental aircraft and youre looking at it.
+Dennis David The rotational speed of the tail rotor is a function of the length of the fuselage, the area of the tail rotor blades and the torque produced by the main rotorshaft (among a couple of other factors). The fuselage length and area of the tail rotor are variable so there is no direct relationship between the torque present at the main rotoshaft and the speed of the tail rotor.
+Erik Harrison i no exactly what you mean bro. still that is 1 of the cooler things ive seen this year
You shouldn't have told anyone the trick. You would have gotten rich saying it was an alien spacecraft. 
If you could blink your eyes at that rate, you'd see the same thing.
Okay somebody have to EXPLAIN!!! Please..
How did you know what the speed was? Must have looked it up online? Great Video... should post it to all you know :)
it,s looked like be a beautiful
I don't understand.  I mean, the helicopter blades are slowed down.  Shouldn't the helicopter speed and side blade be proportionally slowed down?
Wow, that is very cool!
woah i look at helis in a whole new way
the rotor speed is variable, that is one awesome cam to keep up with the variable speeds, or maybe it's got another power source than turbine
Is this shutter speed varies with individuals Eye responce time or this is universal ?
Those rear propellers are really working overtime! :)
+Phillip Kile I think the rotor rpm must be fairly constant in this instance, and just the blade pitch is changing (altering lift). There's nothing in the clip to suggest a changing framerate for the camera
Looks wrong to me.  Not logical.
pretty dam cool. that should be the back up motor 4 all of them
"How is that possible?" Either the blades and the camera are at a fixed speed or the camera's shutter speed is being managed by a remote hooked up to the helicopter's tachometer.
What does that even mean "to sync your camera shutter"?  When you are filming, your camera has a constant rate of frames per second, usually in the range 24 - 30.  There's no way to change that.  Either the helicopter blade rotation rate was a multiple of the frame rate by coincidence, or the video is faked.  That's all.
Wow. Not one person was concerned that the pilot was drunk.
Peter van der Linden: YOUR camera does. High-end video cameras have variable frame rates to allow for slow motion, not to mention changes in shutter speeds.

Remember how in old TV/film, if they showed a TV screen it would be all flickery? And then later on they fixed that, without even using LCD screens or post-processing? Synchronising cameras to specific frame rates is not just possible but very common.
Peter, have you ever heard of a slow motion camera?  I believe they run somewhat higher than 30 frames per second.  Just because you understand something doesn't make it fake.
Saul Veles: The tail and main propellers have different numbers of blades, so the blades are at different angles to each other. Not to mention they have separate motors and typically would move at different rates for your average helicopter flight.
This shit is trippin especially after a couple of beerrrrrrrs. Lol.
Glitch I the Matrix....great post. This is totally epic in deed. Show us more!
.... how about making the spokes of a car wheel spin in the movies.....
Big deal... you could just snap it on the ground with sky background for same effect
You should try it with a real helicopter instead of a model next time!
It's actually a safety issue... if you work in an environment with rotating machinery and your lighting's 60Hz power is in sync with your machinery, it can look like very similar.  Until you stick your wrench in there...
Looks like its floating :)
Would have been pleased just seeing that big monster of a helo flying. The illusion just adds to it g2g
Strange, why is the real rotar still spinning then? a mother f_cker.
Hmm! Amazing camera trick....Good.
lies! It's not a helicopter, it's a hovercraft with helicopter blades...
Technology is stranger than fiction!
It's like my eyes don't want to believe what they are seeing. 
What a old flight pattern 
I can't believe it! We are talking of 49 sec, dude!?
you dont need to extraSync... just take an old 3G Cam^^
surely you can do this with anything. Say a car for example
Adjust speed to that of bullet because it cannot be adjusted to that of light.
No. It is Mi-24. :)
The blades exist to deceive potential enemy. 
It looks like it's being powered buy jets. That or it's hanging of a big clear rope! Nice trick!
That's rad! And a little frightening after about 10 seconds.
Whoa. It's like when you stare at a ceiling fan and blink really fast.
David Blaine piloting that chopper
Would be better to film it taking off like that. Otherwise looks like it is just gliding.
J Gohil
Oh man!! That is awesome!!<3<3<3
mannnnnn! that looks just like the way i fly around in mi dreams. super cool
You guy are all very stupid.........they are actually using a camera to slow the blades down but for some retarted reason,are not slowing the helicopter down...:P and if u guys looked carefully(and weren't dumb coughs), you would know that if the main blades were being slowed down,shouldn't the tail blades be slowed down to? This is all just stupid editing tricks...
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