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Meet Caiden, who is one lucky kid. His dad made him an awesome AT-AT loft bed: (It looks pretty stable for an AT-AT, though.)
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Let's hope the gravity is with him. 
Now the Dad just needs to finish the walls of the bedroom, kinda got off track didn't he. :P JK I know it's the garage.
OMG, he needs to either paint or decal the walls as a 360 degree horizon view of Hoth (maybe some AT-ATs in the distance; perhaps in the midst of a battle between them and the Rebels). Bright white carpet for the "snow." So many possibilities!
Wade R.
So does his little brother get a snowspeeder toy with a rope that wraps around the AT-AT's legs?
Want! For my kids...ya that's the ticket.
Ahh!!! Watch out kid, apparently some cable can take one of those things out easily!
Hopefully he doesn't let his teddy bears run wild in there.
Salutations, future geek!
Wade R.
Like the bumper sticker I bought from Think Geek says: Episode IV comes first, it's just good parenting.
+Keenan Casey Whether he's a current or future geek, our noble brotherhood is always expanding.
Only thing that would make it cooler would be if it would bend at the knees in an act of collapsing from taking a toe cable to the knee!
That is so cool. Best Dad ever. Besides my Dad of course, who tought me how to ride a motorcycle. 
About that age I would have loved a Millennium Falcon bed.
+Anna Claire Jurman I hate to agree but I must !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although I can tell you that I care about Star Trek. and if you are still in doubt you should search "Star Trek Community" and add them to your circles. I love them, they are all over my home page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice and the guns on front of the AT-AT are lego this is one lucky kid
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