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Best Iron Man cosplay ever?
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... Why doesn't it have its own self-contained power unit? Having to plug in Iron Iron just doesn't make sense.
Er...isn't the plug a bit redundant?
i would iron the shit out my cape with that.
No, the best cosplay ever was my Invisible Man costume. I do it every year at Comic Con, even though I never could get tickets...
Coaxial power supply.
Looks like a European plug to me.
The plug is for powering the rest of the house. If you are just heating an iron, the arc reactor has a LOT of power left over.
Thanks for the new wallpaper...lock screen wallpaper to be precise! 
Might leave an interesting imprint on your clothing, no?
the cord is too short, Tony Stark prefers a wireless plug
The Best Iron Box Ever....Question though, will Jarvis Iron the Clothes.
Last night I dreamt that my dad bought the iron man clothes iron. It was so cool
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