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How to prank a Whovian. (via
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Ahah I should totally do this! If I only knew a whovian... =/
The 9yo loves Dr Who.  Would be better to put them on our face...hehehe.
That is both messed up and funny all at once :)
Funny as hell but just evil to do to anybody you like.
If you don't want to be TOO evil, tally mark your OWN arm and then act surprised and shocked when they point it out to you...
doh! the only person I know who would get this lives 3 hrs from me.  Some day though....
I've on'y seen 9th and 10th, I'm I missing something about tally marks?
+Houston Davis It is from the 11th Doctor, and a very interesting woman named RiverSong that you saw in the Library episode.  I recommend watching the latest 2 seasons to see her back story.
that would be freaking scary id be alll like "mom were's the 12-gauge?  n-stuff
and all the little silence babies would kill you
Watch the latest season of Doctor Who.  But to make sure you understand that, you better watch all 7 seasons starting from 2005.
+Cassidy Freeman
Hope this is far enough to have g+ collapse the spoiler information...

In the last season of Doctor Who, there's a race called The Silence who rely on mnemonic manipulation to control people, but once you stop looking at them, you forget about them.  The tally marks are a way to remember how many you've seen once you stop looking at them.  Waking up with that many marks would mean you've seen a lot of those and are in big troubles ;)
And a black circle in one of there palms
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