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Yes, we're getting P-body Portal guns! They're expected in stock ~6/11 so sign up here for emails if you're interested:
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+paul oropeza They're not on sale yet. If you sign up for an email (that's the big green button on the page) we'll let you know when we expect them in stock!
I only want one if it shoots portals... but does it come with shock absorbers for human legs?
replica means it just has bleeping lights that attract small minds
Wait, nevermind. It says that it's U.S. only. Boo urns. I need to get connected with someone in the States. Lol
+Megan Bristow I live in the States. Well, technically. I almost certainly live farther from ThinkGeek than you do, though!

Hey, ThinkGeek, what's up with that Canada-exclusion thing?
I making a note here: HUGE SUCCESSES!
Oh boy! Another limited edition item that'll likely be released while I'm at work and thus unable to buy it in the 30-second scramble that it'll be available for. Wonderful.
+Megan Bristow Well, what I am wondering is, if there is a 5,000-unit international release, how many did Canadian sellers get, and who are they - and how do you find out?
Besides looking freaking cool, what if they could do something else?? Camera, Nerf gun... whatever... :p! I want mine for hacking! :D!
+Jonathon Scott If it's anything like the last one - no, it isn't. Not without taking time off from work on the off chance that that'll be the day ... But it also sucks that it's US only for this batch ... Canada is a great neighbor. If I could help y'all out, I would.
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