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In case you haven't yet witnessed the abomination that is Nic Cage Cats, the horror continues at
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Nightmare material. Poor kitties.. Why the hate?
Oh god, why did I click on the link?  I can't unsee that!!
Along with the hold music that was playing in my office for 2 hours today, you've just dictated what will be in my nightmares tonight...!
....I need to poke my eyes out with a fork now...
+Matthew Young -THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE. comment currently stabbing myself in the head with a steak knife thanks to that abomination
foto shop my A** thats real look how blenede his face is jkjk
Ant i
seems legit
I kind of don't dare to say it but I want one! :P
Um, should I understand. Do I want to? Oh, my, ahhh, what?
Freaky!  I don't think I can look at my little orange tabby the same way again.
oh, the horror!  Even a cat can't make Nick Cage look good.
This is utterly terrifying. 
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