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Don't forget that tomorrow, Friday 5/25 is Towel Day, the 35th anniversary of Star Wars Ep IV, and Glorious 25 May--aka Geek Pride Day! Carry your towel, show off your favorite Star Wars gear, wear lilac, or pin yourself with pride:
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And on top of all that, I have a friend whose birthday is tomorrow. What fun!
Can someone please unplus this post? It's at +43 and that's one too many. Thanks.
I'll have to do interesting something for this.
Someone like this 42 times! Please :(
Hey let's all go to a great restaurant. It's at the end of the universe. 
If you are in Portland, OR, you might try the Bar at the End of the Universe.
+Chris Nandor As it's Geek Pride Day with no specifics in the name, I'm thinking anything goes, but meh. When in doubt, just wear an IT shirt and a Jedi cloak!
I guess I'm going Lilac tomorrow (a play on the plaid line from Spaceballs...hmmm, not Geek enough?) But I will share this image with great pride!
Thanks Hanna! I consider myself a GeeGee! (Geek Goddess...I just removed the R from Greek Goddess).
so ... I'm thinking that tomorrow deserves some sort of hash tag ... do we go with #geekpride or #dontpanic or #towelday or ??? thoughts?
Hmmm...I'll go with #geekpride or #geekprideday
Yes...I home-schooled my daughter (she graduated from MIT with a science writing degree because of my attention to important literary concepts) but I did not catch that graphical connection to the literary piece.
I think I've presented Geekdom with a great image. It's free of charge! I'm not even asking for credit! USE IT and embrace your Geek self!.
I have a Portal 2 Space core shirt on, the geek pin, chewing on light-up star wars lightsaber candy, gonna drink from my new folding cup, and doing some origami with the origami stickers. Pictures will come. :)
I'll be including plush companion cube in them, and more :D
I love the Timmy! :P
its a tie between spyro, call of duty, star trek on play staition, and almost all of the games on the iphone
Which Spyro, and what gen Playstation? (I'm assuming the latest Spyro, and the PS3, but I'm just curious. :) )
all spyro, (love it), and the 1st and 2nd playstaion (i don't like the new skylanders((ripoff)) )
My husband's been enjoying the HECK out of some Skylanders, and he's a HUGE Spyro fan. :D

Anyways, enough of my shenanigans.
@ JoAnne murphy: Apparently not that much of a geek...
wat r u TALKING about? i love video games, star trek u name it! spyro, star wars, legos, batman, the justice league say it, i know it
According to your other posts, you're apparently unfamiliar with at least Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Portal or Portal 2. I would venture to say you're also not so well-versed in most things ThinkGeek offers products relative to, such as Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, or even something as simple as binary.
Plays 'Nerdier Than Thou' on the jukebox

Eh, she's kinda young +Alfred Nobel ; I give her a pass for not knowing about that stuff. :)
well, i know about battle star galatica, stargate, dr.who! AND I ESPECIALY KNOW ABOUT BINARY!
Okay, +JoAnne murphy , I'll bite since you said it: Why would you 'especially' know about binary? Are you a computer programmer? (I'm sorry, but I just gotta know why you're so excited about a bunch of zeroes and ones..)
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