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In space, no one can hear you snore. This bedding doesn't exist quite yet but it does look cool:
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Brilliant! If only we had a space program for the kids to strive towards...
If your kid starts repeating "Hey!  Who turned out the lights?!"'re totally raising that kid right.
More likely starts ring the President.
+Chris Hadfield , I suspect this not to be the case.
Is there a problem with snoring on the ISS? I would have thought the lower gravity might actually alleviate some apnoea related noise...?
Al Hunt
+Amber Petchey Good point. There is also a shocking amount of white noise on the ISS. That's really good at drowning out a lot of noise - particularly when it has to work its way over from a separate sleeping compartment.

I hope +Chris Hadfield answers. I've heard that you can get a persistent case of nasal congestion up there. I wonder which wins out.
Hey, why do kids get to have all the fun?  I would buy this for myself, 'cause it's likely as close to being an astronaut I'll ever achieve.
For the child who wants to grow up to kill the Doctor... and then marry him.
I'm a Whovian but I won't be told what to plus.
I would have killed for that as a kid...I still might.  Will it come in a his&hers queen size?
He's going to get all the tang he wants with that set.
Can they also pee while in the 'suit'? ;)
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