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Just 'cause.
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Please tell me Think Geek will be adding that to their clothing line. :) I want to get one for my pet Papillon for Halloween and the winter months. :)
CW Bok
Them Ewoks are going to sell like hotcakes ;-)
Tren C
sniff sniff... sniff... nakiatha
No, according to a 4 year old its nub nub.
nawwwwwww..... now I want a puppy just so I can dress him like this and call him Warwick :)
I always thought shitzus looked like four-legged ewoks
Ewok dogs. Why didn't I think of that?
I love it.. they are so cute.. just precious
is that a collective AWWWWWWW i hear???? ...hell yes!! too cute lil' ewoks :D
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