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Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and shattered his legs which made him easy prey for outlaws.
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Mellie B
Yeah....that all sounds about right.... :D
and when Jack and jill got home, they had a dinner of stewed rabbit with parsnips and onions, with that lovely brown sauce jill always loved, lemoncakes with jam, roast doves wih garlic and cloves, and lovely brown bread with butter, A chalice of dornish gold, and forty pints of beer.
I don't think that is George R. R. Martin but it's still great!
This reminds me of James Thurber's Fables for Our Time.
Maxim i
i was on the floor
Something I learned in High School, too many years ago;
Jack & Jill went up the hill
They each had a quarter
Jill came down with half a buck
You don't go uphill to fetch water
The Jack and Jill one was morbid, and I notice the kids arent laughing at the end
totally random but... OMG... THAT DUDE HAS A MONKEY PIC TOO xDDDD
Reminds me of the old way fairy tales were told. Wolves and witches eating children. Witches being shoved into ovens and set on fire until death. That kind of thing.
Hilarious! How about supporting illustrations a la Grimm's fairy tales? Not that I am complaining. :-D
mmmmmm i dont know if kids need to hear this
Currently watching Game of Thrones... but now my interest has been lassoed and directed elsewheres! ARG
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Love it, his kids stories are just like his books, anyone can die at any time!
Thaisen Chan Nowhere over the rainbow... are you like weird or something?
Scares who? people who are scared of this are weird
no the man reading the book scares me duh. get your facts right people!
I love it but I'd prefer he get back to task of writing rather than reading! There are two more books to get out Mr. Martin and I'm stretching out completing A Dance With Dragons as thin as I can waiting on the next to come. Of course I could go through the ones I have a second time since I'm sure to find much I've missed the first time round. grins
wow. Many of you seem to think you own him. I guess we really are generation entitlement. :/
After what happened with Robert Jordan, can you blame fantasy fans for being antsy for a series to be completed....I actually need to start all over with this one anyway though. I've forgotten too much of what happened in the early books.
How dare he take a break from writing! Doesn't he know he's obligated to his "fans" to write 24/7?

Sarcastic rant aside, this is pretty great!
Edit: Not actually him, but still great.
smiles yes folks, it is Monday, I know sarcasm may be a bit hard to translate onto a short message but it can & does exist. Smile! The talents of a fine author are always in demand as I'm sure he understands and appreciates it. LOL
I apologize if I took your comment the wrong way. Like you said, sarcasm can be hard to read over the internet. I've seen a lot of people who legitimately feel that authors and creators personally owe them work for simply being a fan, and I get a little irritated by it, so that's why I responded how I did. Cheers.
+Madolyn Covill That's perfectly understandable as well, I've seen the same, experienced it too! grins I'm a very easy going, fun loving person who likes to smile & tease but unless you know me personally you don't know that unless you read my page so with that in mind I gladly accept your apology and give you hugs for sharing space with me here on Google+!
I like the emphasis on meal descriptions. Dead on.
Jack and jill when up the hill to fetch a pail of water jill fell down jack pop her crown and began the new world order.
did i hear that right at the end the spider shot her through the bowels with a crossbow????????????
Yep. You heard that correctly. Delivered so wonderfully deadpan you almost missed it. :-D
+Rob Tarbet I was responding to Mo when I said that, but yeah, I figured he was just trying to start a fight.
what really happened on the fateful day of jack and jill
man yall know what happend with jack and jill
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