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Today in Geek History: Jim Henson was born in 1936. 19 years later, he made something out of his mom's green coat and a halved ping pong ball: 
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Hard to believe he's been gone for over 20 years now...
Even though he is gone he will not be forgotten. As long as a parent slips a sock on their hand and talks funny to bring a smile to a child's face he lives on in us. Rest in peace, Jim.
The man is a legend. Absolute creative genius. My childhood development was healthy thanks to him! May your work continue to inspire.
I had no idea he used his mom's coat... I knew about the pingpong ball though.
Kermit has my heart. He's so adorable.
Amiee x
i love the muppets
Now everything's CG. It just isn't the same.
But his legacy lives on... My son loves Sid the Science Kid. Brought to us by his foundation :)
Fyi: Elmo's fish is named Dorthy!! Since you love it soooo much
Rest in peace Jim... You will always be remembered but not forgotten <3
did you ever see the bio on the guy who does elmo? well worth watching
kerrmits eyes are ping pong balls cut in half?! what the...
how cool to see jim at  the work he does well  instead at the 'other end' 
lisa simerly  im a true kermit fan   its great
Wow I think that's creative making something out of nothing is kind of my own hobbie I like to do
thats pretty gool. He looks super young in this pic.
"Hi ho! Kermit the Frog here with another fast-breaking news story..."
sweet ..i have a art.i am to old...but i cry for my dream
As far as I'm concerned---the Muppets are real!  Loved the genius of Jim Henson!
I've never see  this picture! I love it!
go terps!  there is a really cool bench outside the student union on the mud campus recognizing the accomplishments or one of our most talented alums. lost him too soon.
Cool,what does that make him a genius or protege?
Kermit my friend your the only frog I love and will.always love
Cool,what does that make him a genius or protege?
Sesame street please may I have the address of Kermit the frog and for a surety I will find Mrs Piggy
When he did, I cried for a while. RIP, Mr. Henson. I loved darn near everything you made.
my children loved the muppets
Cool,what does that make him,a genius or protege?
I loved muppet shows while I was growing up. Its cool to know who started in. Thank
The muppets are a great way for children to learn to read and interact with others in a positive way.
Why did he have to leave the Muppet Family by themselves ? Will there ever be more Muppets like the original ones
me too and my son, gina, learnt english with them
Wow I can not believe it!!:-) :-) :-) :-)
Oh how I miss him. You've got to admire someone with a heart that big and pure. There are some clips on YouTube from his funeral. They mess me up every time I watch them.
I hope that there will always be a place for the Muppets. We don't see them as much as we should.
Happy birthday Jimmy!!! My childhood was great all thanks to you :) 
I my god, what is he doing to Kermit?? Does miss Piggy know?
We need more people like Jim in this world. When we have a bad day watch Kermit and it all goes away.
We need more people like Jim in this world. When we have a bad day watch Kermit and it all goes away.
we can only hope and pray!!!!
I remember watching the Jimmy Dean Show which had a segment which featured Jim Henson's puppet, Ralph the Dog. That segment was a favorite of mine as well as my siblings 😀 
Happy Birthday Jim Henson. The world misses you.
then he went on to create the many faces of creatures from Labyrinth. <3
yeah i love muppets he alsomade sesamee street and fraggle rock , and bear and the big blue house and eureekas castle ,and beetween the lions
i love the muppets!
I'll never stop loving you kermit!
Legend... I still sleep with my sock I call it stinkie it is my best friend..
Ohhh Kermit is my fav!!! KERMEY!!!!​!!!! I really miss Jim Henson, he was truly amazing and one of a kind :(
Gracious - I hadn't realized he was almost the same age as my senior mother !!! :)
Kermit was the love of my life when I was around 9yrs old.
he was inspirational to several generations of kids. I cried when I saw the new muppet movie.
A Rosa
Love Kermit!! finally seen the guy instead of his hand :)
the best man that ever lived it I love least I think that's Herbert...
did u see the movie!!! :)
There is a pasion and love in this pic.. I Love it :')
wow i miss the days when this was the shit....
a creative genius who saw n openin n made a difference n all of US!
Happy BDay Jim. Sesame Street changed our lives in Asia. Especially the English language. You made learning fun & accessible. 
I miss Jim Henson terribly. I know I shouldn't wonder what would have happened had he lived longer, but sometimes......
kermet i love you and the muppets!!!!!!
Bird O
hi i am kermint
Kermit the frog was the best thing that happened in my childhood. We love you Kermit!! <3
Still it is So sad we lost him. Labyrinth is one of my All time favorites along with The Dark Crystal. Jim you may be gone but will live on Forever in the hearts of SO Many! Thank You for All that you gave to world! Rest well Jim rest well. 
❤ ~ Sending out MAD Love to ALL! ~ ❤
hello kermit the frog here
Pioneer in his craft....awesome guy...wish he was still around.
I love kermit!!! Are you a man or a muppet?!
Sometimes relationships tend
to fail not because of the absence
of love.
Love is always present. ♥
It's just that one was being loved
too much and the other wasn't
being loved enough.
Amiee x
inst Kermit real :(
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