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Seen Avengers yet? They're already ramping up The Amazing Spider-Man trailers! (PS We're going to see Avengers on Monday at 7:30 at Fairfax Corner 14, in case any local VA/MD/DC geeks want to meet up.)
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I'm so glad they're remaking Spiderman. The last trilogy was more of a sappy young adult movie than a super hero movie worth a damn.
It might just have been the music in the background but this movie looks surprisingly good.
Not sure if I want to see the new Spiderman movie or not.
They're redoing spiderman again??? If you're going to do a remake, what about fixing Star Wars? Nix Jar Jar and find an Anikan that can act.
Is it just me or does the music in the background sound like The Glitch Mob?
No Edward Norton No money for Stan Lee from me
nick clark, research how Edward Norton behaves when the cameras aren't on him. He always delivers fantastic work on screen, but I understand why he wasn't invited to return to the team.
Wish I could go but I have a final that evening.... :(
It's a bit far for me to get there from the Beach. Otherwise I would.
What I don't understand is why they're retelling the backstory. How many times must it be (re)told?

Too bad they couldn't get Kirsten Dunst. Sure sounds like they copied her voice style for this new actress. But who the heck is "Gwen Stacy" in the comics? Man, it's been too long since I read them!
Then it's not a retelling if it's entirely different.
Gwen Stacy was Spider-Man's first major girlfriend. Liz Allan and Betty Brant came first, but weren't as serious. Gwen was killed in Amazing Spider-Man 127 if memory serves, back from the early 1970s. Mary Jane was introduced in issue 41, but Peter and Gwen were already an item. (Note: issue numbers are close but may be wrong as I'm working from memory.)
Honestly I've lost faith in Sony Pictures, if they showed that they worked more closely with Marvel studios I might be more excited. They're on the credits on IMDB, but I don't think they actually have control over the movie.
Quesada has said they had more involvement than with any other third party movie, and obviously less than in house productions. Given how good the first two Raimi films were, I expect this to be enjoyable. Maybe not Avengers franchise levels of enjoyable, but still enjoyable. 
I just saw the Avengers!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!! Ironman for the win!!!!!
I'm sitting in the theater waiting for avengers to start! THE KING OF THE NORTH!!!!
I'm debating waiting for the #Rifftrax. I've been disappointed in superhero movies lately.
No need to wait. It just wrapped up, and was well worth it. There are scenes both during and after the credits.
Can't wait! Going Tuesday. Come along then Tuesday! Bib bib bib!

Well, that seemed totally not worth seeing.
I was excited before seing this trailer, now i am less so. It is giving of a "Hulk" vibe to the story. It should have been done by Marvel Studio.
Really... They should quit with the Spiderman movies. For the most part, they've been completely terrible. Spiderman 3 made me want to claw my eyes out.

I don't remember much of the old Spiderman cartoons or the comic books but these movies are atrocious.
+barefoot meg 100% Agree. If they're going to spend any efforts remaking a movie, why put their efforts into a movie that's at least worth watching.
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