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Best door sign ever? via
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Ron Jeremy is also called " The Hedgehog ". Soooooo :-D
Haha love it. That would be an unfourtunet last name
It's clearly misunderstood flattery. "OG" as we all know stands for "Original Gangstar". A term of some high respect, amongst those in the know! ;-)
I like how someone mockingly wrote OG on the sign telling everyone to stop
This is like a week old. Come on guys, stop living in Reddit's shadow
Dr. Hedgeh clearly does not teach grammar.
+Chris Daley not everybody Digs, Reddits, or Slashdots, so it most likely is new to a good number of people.

If you have seen it already save yourself the time and move on, let the rest of us see it a week late.
+Albert C. Price FAO = For the Attention of.

It's disappointing that nobody actually has the last name of Hedgeh.
Dr H needs to embrace the og... Maybe get a pet one :)
Kel Hix
Wonder if his nickname is Sonic.
I'd put a W after the A and then sketch some bushes.
That's a compliment! Must not be a Ron Jeremy fan.
Damn, wonder if his First name is really Sonic!

Wonder what Dr. Hedgeh would do or have done to those who continue?
I think this is to hide his real identity as Sonic The Hedgehog.
I bet u keep doing that and saying that ur not
Now that's funny. How could you resist adding OG?
Maximum trolling achieved. Someone get this person a trophy.
i love it, i agree with getting this man a trophy
Why would you want that to stop? Is he unamerican?
haha wow. those people really must not like that guy...or maybe they just don't like hedgehogs...
I would enjoy having the OG added! how often do you get to have such a cool name?
haha HedgehOG lololololololololz
ok Im 11 and that is not something you need to post ok,ok:(
Laura D
That's awesome.
even though this is fake, it is still funny
Jin Nam
awww i feel bad 4 dr. hedgehog
I believe the whomever is a one Doctor Eggman.
They should just call him Dr. Sonic. LOL!
i would just change the name
then people will always remeber it
reminds me how I sometimes used to insert an 'I' in the 'TO LET' signs in neighborhood flats and garages..
U gonna say that then put it
chuckle chuckle giggle giggle lol, and hehehe hilarious!!!!
lol i think i pissed on a unicorn
My Name is S. A. Hedgeh, Sonic A. Hedgeh.
thats a hilarious door sign i think that im goin to put something similar to that on wifes car for a joke
It’d be a lot funnier without the grammatical error. It’s supposed to be "whoever", of course.
Definitely just lol'd. Makes me think of a substitute teacher in high school. Her name was Mrs. Sweeney. Some how the S would get erased.
Would it be funny if he looked like a hedgehog?
A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae and the order Erinaceomorpha.
It's kinda funny tho. Wat if it's b'ing replce wif > ew instead og. Will he b consult frst b4 consultng his patients? Bless U.
I'd add "Sonic" infront of it and "og" at the end of it.
HedgeHog I get it that's so funny lol
Why doesn't the good doc just change his name....?
sorry dr. Hedgehog:/ it was me lol kisses:*
sam g
hahahaha so funy
Too bad his first inital wasnt S.
Too funny... Thanks for the laugh. :)
Might have been if he had written "whoever" -- "whomever" is a object, "whoever" is a subject. Sheesh.
small and cute prank, kinda rude but it~! XD
classic. :) Nice that they put it on the note and not the door. :)
If I were him.. I will change my name by Dr. Sonic (of course the hedgehog.. hahahaha)
Poor thing,leave em to himself guys
lil bit prickly about the subject
Bri Boo
hahaha niceee super funny! my friend was dying!
that is like a boss I once had, the first time I was asked to go to his office I spent about 30 minutes looking for it, why? no name plate on door, why? his name was Jack Kanuoff ??? pronounced
Jack Kin Off this is no lie.
needs a sticker of Ron Jeremy tho
Am I the only one reminded on Nanny Ogg's favorite song?
How can you not laugh!? Hahaha
Wat about dr.robotni- Ck? Lol
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