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Great photo of Enterprise flying over NYC today! (Sorry, couldn't resist. Here are 25 actual photographs of the shuttle Enterprise's trip:
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It was only a matter of time before I seen a picture like this!
that's so cool. i love Star Trek so much!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this, it's illogical but I love it.
Wow, the Enterprise is much smaller than I thought. People of the future must be tiny. :)
It's been shopped. I can tell from the pixels.
Awesome I knew my tricorder wasn't broken!!!
It makes perfect sense man!!! These dilithium crystal readings are off the charts!
As a hand drawn pastel art and award winning and published in various NASA sites astronomy artist, and doing allot of Photoshop, I'm not sure I could do this one any better, but I might try later when I have the time to sit at Photoshop for awhile.
Cool idea, but yeah, the starship obviously has some shrinkage issues. Constitution class starship would be about 289 meters, where a typical 747 would be around 70.5 meters. If you care take a look at "Jeff Russels Starship Dimensions" at and you click the -10x zoom tab, they are both on there.
lol!!!!! i love star trek!
Are people (I'm looking at you +Dan Hevey) actually taking this seriously enough that they are pointing out the scale issues?
I mean no amount of serious should be directed at this picture. None at all. Obviously!!!
Also, if you ARE going to pick holes in it, SCALE is where you started?
Matt C
Ready for it's -A refit!
+Michael Gillman Taking it seriously? No, not at all. Just chiming in. Besides, I just always thought the starship scale page was cool and I had forgotten about it until I saw this.
+Michael Gillman You just shut up, that's blasphemy amongst the geeks!! Capt. Kirk would have you phasered and Capt. Crunch would crunchitize you!!!!!!
Of course it's fake. ThinkGeek said it in their subject line.
yeah there was an actual space shuttle with a fighter jet escort on that plane.
oh really, thats cool could you post a pic if you can?
The Enterprise carrier needs to be in the water.
Well, yeah the actual real life Enterprise. ThinkGeek is making a joke, which is why they bolded "actual." Smh.
i was just thinking will someone do that - excellent :)
If you look REEALLY close, you can see Checkov in the city asking where the nuclear wessels are. :)
heh cutout ran out of glee, needs piggyback
no the real enterprise is in the NASA post
Love this photo. thanks for sharing.
...So fake....I can see it was probably photoshopped
i ment to say i wish to be on that plane
lmao. that's awesomeness incarnate
I love it! This must be a deleted scene from Star Trek 4.
For a man 2be brave he most search for is past 
The nerd in me says that is completely awesome, but the geek in me keeps pointing out that the starship Enterprise is completely out of scale and it's driving me crazy!
Did people actually question whether or not this was fake? Oh man. Fun pic though.
This exactly what I thought of when I heard about it. Its funny to see the picture and realize I'm not the only geek!
Huh. I always thought it was bigger than that.
Can that be the spa lounge on my way to Europe pleease!!
I have a new Desktop background now... Thanks! :)
You'll are a bunch of nurd u know that right.
The Enterprise is carrying the 747...
ahahahaha its really fascinating! starcrack!
Cameron Kelly WTF. You are all (you'll) nerds (nurd) ,you (u) know that right? (.)
sry but that looks photoshopped in there...
+Maverick Zero It's probably not an unfair assumption that most of the people who have "Think Geek" in their circles, and are likely to see and comment on its posts, are geeks, or at least think they are. (Which makes +jamie snodgrass Captain Obvious.)
-.- Those are not aliens if you accually watched star trek you'd know they are brave space travelers.
شي من الصوره يكفي التعليق عنه
Nice homage by making the Photoshop job is on par with the Original TV Series special effects :-P
SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Learned on the news the shuttle got its name from Star Trek fans lobbying for it.
ha ha ha! Funny nice PhotoShop job!
That's what's going to take the public to space. 
To Boldly go where no Cockroach before has gone!
Translate looks like something that would be on Star Trek
hmmm I think the Enterprise was a little bigger ;-)
In 9 months, we'll have a brand new NCC 1701-747 ;-)
that's the future luxury plane
Even though the Enterprise is about 2 km long and a Boeing is only about 500 ft.
Cool, but I think the Enterprise is a lot bigger than that.
Beam me up Scotty! Wait a second, is that the Star Ship Enterprise. Too funny.
That is not to scale! Those buildings should be a lot bigger........
it seems that NYC got the NCC-1701
Heyyy that looks really "COOL" :)
hmm.. no needs for wheels with this kind of craft.. it doesn't land like a regular airplane
This shuttle flew right over my school and landed on my mom's work roof, Kohls.
wow, those are amazing, i love the one where its right above the flag
I prefer your version, +ThinkGeek maybe this is not too far away from being real
some of those pictures are just fantastic
2 flies doin' it, hah
Brilliant! Simply incredible!
i have some things from thinkgeek
well,I thought Enterprise would be much bigger than the airplane
Funny... You have nothing better to do.... :~)
Looks like star trek meets real life trek enterprise mated with an so plane lol 
great i like it now I AM deafinately loging off as its 2.25am.
and it took them how long to make this?
they shouldn't have decommissioned her
Why would someone make a star trek ship? It's just gonna get jacked by Klingons.
reminds me of star trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
People are only saying its fake, in order to divert your attention from the truth :))
Really, +Aaron Murdock ? Their revenue is up 30% over last year. While I wish the same for all American businesses, that's pretty impressive.
These are the voyagers of the starship enterprise
Wow that looks like a space shuttle. 
That is the best thing I have ever seen😃😊😃😃😃😃
Star ship enterprise had a baby with delta airlines.
I thought i see king kong on top of the empire state bld in the backdrop too.
Funny, but there is a discrepancy in scale here LMAO
Finally my life long dream come true. The USS Enterprise takes off.
Looks more like a shuttle docking that went wrong. Space Dock won't like this.
Is that a Boeing 727 flying with a star trek spacecraft, I guess it called enterprise, but it is not the actual NASA spacecraft! Sure, the name I guessed may be wrong, but it what we understand that count!
Is this computerized or real or a miniature over a model of NYC
Now that's just silly... and there's a scaling error.
totslly fake...mabye in the future...
Loved ALL the photos of the Shuttle flying through NYC!! :) Very cool & Awesome photos!
cute ;)
I can't wait until this summer when they open it up to the public.
Imagine landing that one in the Hudson!
Was William Shatner aboard that flight?
Sigh. Your NYC skyline is pretty far out of date. WTC is about twice as tall as anything in that photo.
i bet facted or faked crew could figure this out,but i would have 2 call this fake
Whoa, it's hauling one of those final Boeings 7700 series from before the Singularity.
too bad that was photoshopped with the enterprise from star trek
I'm so confused. Which one has the whales in it?
It's not quite as big as the enterprise, but does look some what like it. I think it's great!
LOL, this is hilarious....Oh my tummy hurts from laughing sooooo hard :-O
The 747 would be a tad bit smaller in proportion. Just saying.
A bit not to scale. I think Enterprise was several times larger.
Quite a meaningful image when you think about it! 
what is that it is really cool
Hahaha! This is like a car being towed by a bullock cart
Leo Sam
the top one, looks bigger!
It almost looks like the Enterprise is pulling the jet...
That jet looks like its having a tough time there! LOL
Are we sure that The Enterprise isn't really pulling the 747 in a tractor beam??
So... When is ThinkGeek going to sell the model of this? I'd buy it!
Just remember... this Enterprise is now a static display in Vulcan... always wondered how they got it there. Thanks for sharing that info :)
I have a feeling as if it was nothing less than 'sighting' a UFO ( in 25 Incredible Pictures) :)
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