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Wyrd Malifaux News: Easter SALE! - #40KNEWS -


You know how Wyrd loves to crank out twisted Malifaux takes on Easter?  Well step this way:


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Episode 4 - Twatrecap - #Unfauxcast1 - Twatifaux Recap
We’ve either been running or playing in Australia’s largest Malifaux tournament “Twatifaux”
Hear how the lads went, who they played, and what else happened

Talk about tourney etiquette and other such nonsense

Massive thanks to House of War, Jackal Laser Designs & TAOR Gaming Mats along with everyone who attended


Voltaire - The Beast of Pirate’s Bay
Ghostfire - Vaud -

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Wyrd Games Monday Preview - Easter Sale - #GMortsChaotica - Well...I didn't want to have any money over Easter anyway...WYRDOS,We are happy to announce our upcoming Easter sale! This sale has a number of early releases, including the Tortoise and the Hare story encounter box. Check out all of the information below!EASTER SALEThis year's Easter sale will include all releases up to the March 2016 releases, as well as the prereleases listed below! The sale -

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The Value of Sacrifice - #JodenThe13Fates - Other titles in I had in mind were "Frame for FUN" "Just, Just Go Sit in a Corner" & "Guys? Control Hand? Guys!?". The more you know.What I've found out and touched upon late last year was, sometimes in a game of Malifaux, some models just plain don't matter anymore. A recent game had Snowstorm face down the fury of a very angry Mei Feng but with activations -

Bringing Molly back from the dead - #InsidiouslyMad - I have been somewhat absent on here of late. I do not get much time to do much gaming at the beginning of the year due to work. Plus my second daughter was born in December, so I have been juggling work and child rearing duties rather than gaming.Boarfaux was my first tournament in 2016 and before the weekend I had actually only managed two games of Malifaux. Of those only one  was with the -

Malifaux Campaign Shifting Loyalties: Week 3 Game 3 Ressurectionist Vs Guild - #Beyondbeardcast - -

Malifaux Campaign Shifting Loyalties: Week 3 Game 2 Ressurectionist Vs Gremlin HD - #Beyondbeardcast - -

The Miners’ and Steamfitters’ (and Biologists’) Union - #Iamsssk - Hi folk
Given that it’s a long (LONG) time since I really did anything Malifaux based, I thought it’d be good to chat about Malifauxing in 2016. My general aim for the year is just to get back on the Malifaux scene, play some games, do some painting (and maybe modelling), attend tournaments etc… pretty straightforward. I’m vaguely aware that there are new schemes and -

Lilitu #3 - #What_The_Faux - That's the fourth model of Lilitu I've painted , the previous two were old edition pewter ones, and there was a proxy I made using TTB bits. The plastic version is very similar but it's thinner and has better proportions. I've tried the Twins in game a few times with Dreamer and never managed to get them to do achieve significant. I may be doing it wrong as they have potential to make -

Episode 33 - Master Spotlight Gremlin Zoraida - #SchemesNStones - Today I speak with Tim Brown about Gremlin Zoraida.

Mom Con here and the Malifaux Events for it here
Our local 50ss A Song of Ice and Fire tournament in Des Moines, details here
Adepticon information can be found here
Schemes & Stones facebook group can be found here
Addition discussion on the episode can be found here
Please give us your feedback on twitter @SchemesNStones, leave us a -
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