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This is how I managed to configure PRIME Sync in my Optimus laptop:

Dell Inspiron 14 3443 (distro Slackware64-current)
iGPU Intel 5500 (driver i915)
dGPU Nvidia Geforce 820M (driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-375.26)
Kernel 4.8.14 (CONFIG_HARDENED_USERCOPY is not set) boot option nvidia-drm modeset=1
Xorg 1.19.0

The solution is posted in this link:

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Howto code
How do I learn coding in a single night? #humor   #programming   #geeky  

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Thiago Silvino commented on a post on Blogger.
I hope that Pat chooses the kernel 3.14 so we can use the firewall nftables and the stable zram code :)

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Thiago Silvino commented on a post on Blogger.
Very good work Willy!

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+Eric Hameleers's blog is back!

Anybody using slackpkg+? I just set it up but I can't find any packages from Alienbob repository (I am sure that Alienbob's packages is not in the blacklist file). This is how my slackpkgplus.conf file looks like:
PKGS_PRIORITY=( slackpkgplus:.* restricted:.* multilib:.* ktown:.* alienbob:.* )
REPOPLUS=( slackpkgplus alienbob restricted multilib ktown )
MIRRORPLUS['alienbob']= MIRRORPLUS['restricted']= MIRRORPLUS['multilib']= MIRRORPLUS['ktown']= MIRRORPLUS['slackpkgplus']=

Slackware is by far the best distro out there. I've been using Slackware since 2001 and I am very fond of it. Last week I gave a talk in my university here in Campinas, Brazil about open source and free software. I did a demonstration of the livecd Slax, running from a USB thumb drive. In the end of the talk many people questioned me which distro they should try first. I recommended starting with Slax and then when they become comfortable with the Linux desktop they should try Slackware. I realized that most of them think that Slackware is difficult because the install process is only available in English. Is there any way to translate the Slackware installer and offer it in other languages? I searched the sources of the installer in the main tree and could not find it. Translating the installer to other languages would make Slackware available to a wider audience as many people in Brazil and other countries see the English language as a barrier keeping them out of Slackware.
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