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I'm making a opensource software that have a collision on it to simulate. I wondering if you someone could help me to solve one problem. I couldnt find a very similar situation on the web so I can just guess the result and Im not sure if Im doing right. 
There are two spheres of mass 1kg where sphere A is moving left-up on 45 degree at speed 10 and sphere B with mass 1 is not moving. What is the direction and speed of A and B once the rope between the spheres gets stretched? 
thanks a lot

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Thiago Benazzi Maia commented on a post on Blogger.
I understatnd google position, and I cant complain once this is a free software but lets think for a while. I'm from Brazil, most of universities teach Java at computer cience, banks use java, governament, myself use java applet to can access special printers, card readers and other devices from the browser. I have two options, change country or change browser. Guess which one I will change.
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