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Giveaway Day 5: We are giving away 10 Nooka watches! Stylish and unique, they are a popular fashion accessory around the OnePlus headquarters.

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I just competed in Supafly Open! I came 1st in my NISSAN SILVIA (S15)! 

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I just competed in Supafly Speed Trials! I came 1st in my NISSAN SILVIA (S15)! 

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Think you’ve got what it takes to beat me in Real Racing 3?

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Petro Canada Mobility APN Settings

For handsets which do not detect correct settings to access PCM network, manually add a new APN: go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks: More... -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> tap Menu: New APN, then enter the following settings:
 - Name: Petro-Canada
 - APN:
 - APN type: <Not set>
 - Proxy:
 - Port: 80
 - Username: wapuser1
 - Password: wap
 - Server: <Not set>
 - MMSC: <Not set>
 - MMS Proxy: <Not set>
 - MMS Port: <Not set>
 - MCC: 302
 - MNC: 720
 - Authentication type: None
 - APN protocol: IPv4
 - APN roaming protocol: IPv4
 - APN enable/disable: APN enabled
 - Bearer: Unspecified

This configuration works for me on Android 4.2.1 and kernel 3.4.5.

Reference: section f at the below link.

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Freelancer Sound Problem and Fix

Copying the FL Codec to your FL directory helps solve that problem: 

1. To download the l3codecp.acm codec click: 
or copy the l3codeca.acm codec from your windows system32 folder 
to the Freelancer\EXE folder in step 2, and rename it to l3codecp.acm. 

2. Save the codec to your Freelancer EXE directory. The path is: 
Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE 

3. Reboot 

If you still have problems visit: 
or increase the Codec's Priority to 1 here's how: 

a) Go into Control Panel / Sounds / Hardware Tab 
b) Select Audio Codec from the list / click the Properties button 
c) Click the Properties Tab / double-click Fraunhofer IIS Codec 
d) Change priority to 1 / Click "Use this audio Codec" 
e) Click Apply / Click OK to close all open windows and finish. 

There are more sound tips in the readme.rtf file on your Freelancer CD. 
That's all there is to it. Post back and let us know how that worked. 

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