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The Vintage Gamers
Old Games are still Good Games.
Old Games are still Good Games.

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Let's make this our biggest year yet. We will have a new site design, maybe a few guest authors and a few secret projects.

If you like the site, tell your friends!

Anyone else noticing the site running MUCH faster than usual? I think our host got it together and fixed what was causing the slowdown.

So, we're getting ready to launch a new design of the site. This time the theme is built from the ground up, instead of using a modified theme we found.

The question is, should we make a new logo for the site? The old one got us rejected from Cafepress when we tried to make some merchandise to sell. We're thinking of dropping the controller and maybe putting some kind of 8-bit icon representing something classic and gaming.

If you have any ideas, let us know.

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Lets hope +Sam Floyd finds the RCA Studio at the thrift store. Well, let's hope they still have it. After reading up on it, it definitely sounds like an interesting addition to any collection.

I wonder if there's a Wordpress plugin in the works to automatically post on G+ pages when a new article is posted.

We're on Google+ now. :)
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