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After being on the iPhone nearly a year, Android users will now finally get the app on their own phones. The new app allows you to read and send messag
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+UltraLinx your posts are great and I'm glad I have you in my "Warez" circle. But could you try not to post in batches? Maybe "spreading" the posts around a day, like every hour or so, would be a better idea? Not only it will allow people in different time zones (yes, there is life beyond US :-) to see your posts regularily. But most importantly it will prevent flooding people's streams.
+Arek Bekiersz I hear ya. It's just that I hardly use Google+ and completely forget to post new articles from the site on to the page.

Also I go to college and have a job so I can't spread them out over time, I have to batch post them.

UltraLinx is just something I do in my free time because I enjoy it. 

If I were you, I'd blame Google. They still haven't released the API for Google+ so you can't create apps which post content on your behalf, making you manually post stuff.
This app is awesome!  It's so fluid and well-designed... we love a nice interface :)

I was using Spark360 for the longest time - glad to see Microsoft finally jump on board!
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