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Common Sense: not brawn, and no Brains!
Common Sense: not brawn, and no Brains!


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The Vagus nerve sends neurochemical signals and is constantly updated about sublime and conscious sensory information. It is from the state of the body's organs "upstream" to your brain via Afferent nerves. 80-90% of the nerve fibers in the Vagus nerve are for communicating the state of your viscera (organs and tissue) up to your brain via Afferent nerves.
The terms “Afferent” and “Efferent” refers to the nerves that lead into or out of the brain. Afferent neurochemical signals are sent from a nerve receptor into the brain from the body. Efferent signals are sent from the brain to the peripheral sublime and conscious Psychosocial public body. These nerves signal the Psychosocial publics reactions to you. They also cause further Core Identity actions of the Peripheral sublime and conscious interaction towards you via sensations and gut instincts.
Visceral feelings and gut instincts are literally sublime emotional intuition that is transferred up to your brain via the Vagus nerve. From previous studies, neurochemical signals from the Vagus nerve travel from the gut to the brain and they have been linked to controlling mood and distinctive types of fear and anxiety and thoughtfulness. These reactions are a Fight or Flight reaction from the Sympathetic nerve that can cause thoughtful anxiousness in mental health symptoms, but also so can the Vagus nerve.
As with any body/brain barrier feedback loop, messages also travel "downstream" from your conscious mind through the Vagus nerve (via the Efferent nerves) and signal your organs to create an inner-calm so you can Rest and Digest via the Parasympathetic nerve during times of safety. Also, Efferent nerves control when you prepare your body for Sympathetic Fight or Flight” in dangerous situations via Psychosocial public negotiation. You, as a Core Identity, negotiate with the crowd known as a Psychosocial stimulus of sublime Peripheral interaction. Peripheral is like catching something out of the corner of your eye. These three nerves are in the Medulla Oblongata of the brain/body barrier. They control Psychosocial negotiations of body language communication, calming effects and thought via the brain’s Efferent nerves. And the body’s Afferent nerves that lead up the spinal cord and also from the gut.
For a study, a Swiss scientist snipped the Afferent nerve fibers of the Vagus nerve going from the stomach to the brain. Cutting this Vagus nerve connection turned the usual feedback loop between gut instincts and feelings and the brain away from a two-way communication into a one-way logic. It allowed for the researchers to hone in the role that the Vagus nerve plays in conveying gut instincts and emotional feelings in the body/brain barrier.
In particular, the researchers were interested in identifying the link between innate anxiety and conditioned or “learned” fear responses and Psychosocial reactions. Paranoia or fear is a Parasympathetic reaction to Sympathetic Flight. These two nerves should work in Harmony to keep you calm during verbal and body communication. They should also keep you calm and relaxed when in a public Psychosocial Performance. In test animals, the brain was still able to send signals down to the stomach, but the brain couldn’t receive signals coming up from the stomach.
Healthy Vagus nerve communication between your gut and your brain helps to slow you down like the brakes on your car by using neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). These neurotransmitters literally lower heart rate, blood pressure, and help your heart and other organs slow down so that you can react via the Parasympathetic nerve into a Rest and Digest of information. This is from conscious and sublime reactions from the Psychosocial crowd and people you are directly in communication with via sublime body and language. This is known as the body mentalist attitude. It is where communication methods are according to the stimulus/Response association from the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. This is how body mentalist attitude are negotiated within the Medulla Oblongata from the Vagus nerve for Anxiety and paranoid thoughtfulness.

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Psychology of Materialism and Idealism.

The brain works with the nervous system to keep our body functioning. There are many conditions that can affect our brains and as a result how we function in the Psychosocial society. They can range from injuries and diseases that create physical problems to chemical imbalances in the body/brain barrier that result in mental health issues. I see the main area of chemical imbalances in Paranoia and Anxiety issues is from the Parasympathetic nerve and the Parasympathetic nerve.
To explain how it is that the CNS is related to mental health - the CNS is the brain and spinal cord and in those who have mental health issues - the body/brain barrier has chemical imbalances - which affects everything - our entire bodies - it effects all of our senses – everything.
First of all - we have different nervous systems that regulate and control different things - one of which is the mind and the way we think, function, interpret things, move, etc.
The nervous system is divided into the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord. The PNS consists of all the other nerves and neurons that do not function within the CNS. The large majority of what are commonly called nerves are considered to be PNS. The peripheral nervous system is divided into the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.
The somatic nervous system is responsible for coordinating the body's movements, and also for receiving external stimuli. It is the system that regulates activities that are under conscious control. It also controls Psychosocial external stimuli that is partially influenced by people we communicate with consciously. It is idealism that controls the autonomic system and the somatic is materialism. These two terms are much discussed by the Psychologist Descartes.
The autonomic nervous system is then divided into the sympathetic division, parasympathetic division, and enteric division. The sympathetic nervous system responds to impending danger or stress, and is responsible for the increase of one's heartbeat and blood pressure, among other physiological changes in the body, along with the feelings of excitement that one feels due to the increase of noradrenaline in the system. It also causes Anxiety Disorders. The parasympathetic nerve is in Harmony when a person is resting and feels relaxed, and is responsible for such things as the constriction of the pupil, the slowing of the heart into panic attacks and Paranoia, dilation of the blood vessels, and stimulation of digestive and genitourinary systems. Why not download the Streetwise self-help techniques:


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L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine and mental health.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is in the catecholamine and phenethylamine families. These play a set of important stimulus in your trauma of the brain/body barrier. Their name derives from there chemical structures. They are a biological ammonia neurochemical (not a household bleach though) and its formula constitutes by removing a carboxyl group from a molecule of L-DOPA. It conforms to a precursor (before) towards the brains neurochemistry.
Neurochemical Catecholamines are formulated from the amino acid tyrosine.[2] Catecholamines are water-soluble and are 50%-bound to plasma proteins when they circulate in the blood. Included among catecholamines are Adrenaline, Noradrenaline and dopamine; all of which are produced from phenylalanine (lemon juice) and tyrosine that is in some energy drinks. Tyrosine is also ingested directly from protein rich foods. The release of the hormone production from Adrenaline and Noradrenaline from the Medulla Oblongata leading to the adrenal glands is part of the Fight or Flight response of the Sympathetic nerve.[3] This nerve is a Harmony system as functions in unison with the Parasympathetic nerve.
I feel as mental health people your system may not be fully hydrated with liquids. So, for this reason, the Response/Reward of alertness (Adrenalines) of absorbed digestive juices is dysfunctional. This is so because nutrients cannot be deployed rapidly. That is because of your dehydrated stomach juices that cannot deploy nutrients that require rapid neurochemical responses in the Vagus nerve. These three nerves are all located in the Medulla Oblongata.
The Fight or Flight is localized to the Sympathetic nervous system in the brain. The reason these two hormones cause stressfulness is because the Fight or Flight system of the brain has an imbalance that causes trauma of stress, the trauma of anxiety and traumatic panic due to low levels of Dopamine, Noradrenaline and Adrenaline. Also, this, in turn, causes the Psychological trauma of Noradrenaline ( neurochemical Norepinephrine) overproduction. That, in turn, causes the Sympathetic nerve anxiousness and panic attacks. This is a Parasympathetic nerve Harmony reaction in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata reaction to the Psychological trauma of Adrenaline. Also, within the Psychological trauma of Depression if the Sympathetic nerve is not in Harmony. But in the Norm of Society, it simply causes the feelings of alertness and hyper-stimulated Harmonic Ignorance. It is, also that in the Parasympathetic nervous system of Rest and Digest from the Parasympathetic nerve. This causes the Psychological trauma of sublime associations instead of Noradrenaline of Disassociation to sublime Peripheral sensations that give you emotions. That then forms trauma of paranoia or traumatic anxiousness. A trauma of sublime wordless Buzzing from the crowd of traumatic Psychosocial sounds. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves keep a Harmony that keeps you in a stable Theory of Mind. Theory of Mind is keeping the self-separate from sublime Psychosocial actions via Ignorance and Fight or Flight. It is also a Harmony of Disassociation and rest and Digest. It is in the concentration centre OF Psychosocial self-awareness of the brain.

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Lyase and Bipolar.

Lyase deficiency causes a lack of the body being able to reproduce the neurochemicals sufficiently: Leucine; and a dietary intake known as a Ketone diet. In my research on Bipolar Disorder, I have found the neurochemical Lyase is deficient or do not function correctly. Traumatic mood swing disorders are the result and may also cause the dysfunction of Facial a Conformity Disorder known as depression. Lyase deficiency can cause you to become irritable and even cause mania.
There is also lethargy and elation which can lead to mood swing disorders of Depression. It also causes trauma of Depressive Disorders via a Leucine dysfunction causing a Facial Conformity Disorder. Here the muscles relax into slouching the facial features into a stance of the Depressive side of Bipolar via the meat tissues HMB not tightening but relaxing into sadness. Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) is a neurochemical that is produced when the body breaks down leucine. Leucine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. People use HMB to make medicine. HMB can be bought in many supplement chemist outlets without prescription.
Metabolic Acidosis can cause Psychological trauma of Confusion or traumatic lethargy in its dysfunction of mental illness. This leads to the face forming sadness and mood swings. Although symptoms can differ, someone with metabolic acidosis will often:
o Breathe fast
o Have a fast heartbeat
o Have a headache
o Be confused
o Feel weak
o Feel tired
o Have little desire to eat
o Feel sick to their stomach
o Throw up
These are the physical side effects that are not always present in mental illness because the neurochemical Leucine and muscle building of HMB is not functioning correctly. This is where the facial stance forms a mental illness that reacts to Psychosocial (public) sublime issues. Acidosis is a process causing increased acidity in the blood and other body tissues like HMB. It can also be a reference to the acidity of the blood plasma that carries neurochemicals to the tissues.
In the trauma of Bipolar, the experience of outer sublime Psychosocial notions causes elation towards others mentality in Theory of Mind, whereas depression is an Inner Experience of shock relating to traumatic Pathogenic (placebo triggers) of lethargy via Leucine and HMB. In the trauma of Bipolar, this 'Outer Experience' notion could be a smell or the sublime tonal accents involved in the communique that leads to a Psycho Social Interpellation of Buzz (noises) echoes. It is the points of this Psychological trauma of Interpellation (public bonding) towards a Core Identity that causes trauma of emotional auto-immunity. This is via the facial emotional statements that are the cause of elation formed from the Buzzing crowd. Not only in words but tonal accents and even smell as well. These are Psychosocial Peripheral placebo triggers. Much like turning round because of you suddenly hear alarm in the next room. That is the personal issue with the Psychological trauma of Bipolar and tests can actually be carried out for this condition. Tests that can be researched are for breathing (Asthma) and a metabolic (dietary) diagnosis for Metabolic Acidosis effects as a mental illness dysfunction.
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GABA and the body/brain barrier of Anxiety and Depression.

GABA and its brain nutrients involve directly from the intestines and the Vagus nerve in the body/brain barrier. A bio-culture formed at birth as a bacteria system that a creature needs to formulate a principle state of the Inner Experience in thought and meditation. This bio-culture is used in the processing of food and liquids for the body/brain barrier. It is considered an inhibitory, but research suggests an excitatory factor is involved in early years of a developing brain. Inhibitory suppresses functions in the body/brain barrier.
GABA meaning Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is directly controlled by the Vagus nerve because this nerve has direct function involved with many of the inner organs including the stomach and intestines. The Vagus nerve also has some control on the thought and the speech patterns used for communication and reading a newspaper. This latter statement of reading is usually via the inner voice box where thought of Inner Experiences travel deep into the ear and echo outward.
In chemical terminology, it's classed as an amino acid. This is because an "amino acid," used without a qualifier (shape changing) refers to the alpha amino acids. GABA is not, neither is it considered to be incorporated into proteins. It is more a digestion juice. It is the individual structuring made in infancy from the mother’s milk ingestion where brain development is in Theory of Mind and Embodiment. These start to form as a Psychosocial Performance. This gives individuality in the early stages of outer life along with other Homeostatic Script devices that eventually establish an Ego Identity. Ego Identity is the stabilization into a young adult that has committed roles in life towards Psychosocial. Psychosocial is part a sublime Peripheral attraction where your eyes become focused on someone across the room. This is part of a Performance.
Feelings of the trauma of Anxiety problems have been linked to GABA. The trauma of depressive disorders has also been linked to GABA. Inhibitory problems that cause the mood swings into the trauma of depression disorders may be due to an over-production in the trauma of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic harmony where a Facial Conformity Disorder forms. That is also the same within the traumatic anxiousness and other Psychological trauma of anxiety disorders. The Inner anxiety Experiences are a direct result of the Vagus nerve and Sympathetic nerve interaction in the brain.
The feelings give a craving for certain nutrients however like Leucine and HMB to strengthen the cranial nerves and facial muscles. Much like the Psychological trauma of Leucine in depressive disorders deposits may build in the gut that causes stimulation of patterns involved with the Psychological trauma of mental illnesses and traumatic mental disabilities because of a blockage in the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is where Tardive Dyskinesia affects the cranial nerves in the head and via facial contortion from this medicament induced state. This I know as a Facial Conformity Disorder where the muscles in the face slouch into the stance of sadness and then depression.

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Hearing voices in the head.

Have you ever said this? What are voices in the head? Or: I hear voices in my head? Then what I can say is you lack a conscious Tinnitus frequency. There is also the cause of the trauma of peripheral hearing (sublime) Paranoid Schizophrenia. The frequency of Tinnitus is the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head if unheard. It is your blood flow passing the inner left or right ear. This, in fact, should be a clear and steady noise that gives motions to your Body Language via the notions of – usually un-worded frequency and Psychological trauma of sublime issues. These frequencies are Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega Amplitudes.
It is where the frequency in the right or left ear is not heard. And this then gives a trauma of outer sublime noise affecting the inner thought processes. Where your Script (life stories) is a trauma of dissension to your inner voice box Tinnitus and also breath should block this. Lacking these is what causes Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head. The interaction is between the inner voice box and is via one or both areas of the inner ears. Script narration (a noise that creates ideas) of life stories also creates your own life story as a Core Identity. The story or Performance is a sublime chorus of garbled noises that some people as Paranoid Schizophrenics can hear. You are hearing your life story that belongs to the world of Paranoia because it exists in the semiconscious twilight world of people’s fears and terrors (Paranoia) and worry (Anxiety). It is a level where dulcet tones have been removed from your inner ear and have been replaced with sublime life narration according to the level of dulcet ominous sounds. Believe it or not these sounds become words in Script narration.
A motion to learn is heavy breathing via blocking the ear with cotton wool and learning to breathe from the inner voice box (throat) as a noised sound that is then heard internally. According to the lack of internal breath spread the left-hand side of lips and rasp the breath if your left ear is infected.
Each time Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head occur, rasp the breath. As a body mentalist attitude raise the right-hand thumb. This has a placebo effect causing Self-Behavioural Analysis that gives neurochemical signals to your inner self of a positive motion of feelings to yourself that these are outer Paranoid sounds are not allowed in this way. Feelings from body language give you your emotional state of mind. So then confirm this rasping breath as a correct feeling in your attitude via raising the left thumb or smiling.
Just because you don’t hear Tinnitus I assure you this is how thought interacts in the personal self (Core Identity). So at this point, the placebo is to place the thumb downward if thoughts or outer noises cause voices in the inner ear. This is what the EBook Body Mentalists is all about: giving you back your natural motions of placebo effects instead of the trauma of hearing voices, depression and other mental illnesses. So now you know that Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head are left-hand Tinnitus disruptions – schizophrenic rather than paranoid schizophrenia which is the Psychological trauma of both the inner and outer hearing of the ears.
Where usually a bodily notion is all you would usually use to counteract this bothersome thoughtfulness to Psychosocial (public/self) phobic attitude to outer noise - the Psychological trauma of Paranoid Schizophrenia is the result.

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Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors are G Protein-coupled Nitrogenous compounds and chronic Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata. They are of the trauma of Psychiatric Religiousness of Congruence of Cognitive Delta Wave Tinnitus Amplitude frequencies of a Paranoid mental health. Delta waves usually exist in Cortical rebooting. A body/brain barrier function of the sublime Peripheral divide of shutting down via blinking.

The G Protein-coupled receptors are an evolutionary process I say is a human Bicameral state of Delta Wave Amplituder's of Confabulation. Confabulation is a mental illness dysfunction of an overload of Alpha waves in Acute-phase Proteins. Delta waves are a cause of visual hallucinations because Histamine receptors cause Nitrogenous compounds of sleepwalking as well. A Psycho Social key has already been defined in me regarding personal research into left and right traumas of Tinnitus frequencies. That is as a Psychosocial person of Humanistic Natured congruence. Acute-phase Proteins are Traumatic Pathogens of traumatized Histamine H1-H4. H1 –H4 is the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega brain frequencies of Tinnitus that can protect someone from sublime inner ear dysfunctions of the Throat Chakra’s Inner thought Experiences. This creates a Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Cognitive Psychosocial acceptance. It the two chambers of hemispheric cognitive awareness via Tinnitus.
It can be seen that acute-phase proteins and a biosystem of Histamine Inflammation in the Medulla Oblongata nerves of the immune system of Traumatized Pathogenic Enzyme toxins that have created a human capable of semi-conscious Cognition to natured sounds of what I know as Bicameral Man that has evolved via conscious Tinnitus in the Norm of Society.

Acute-phase Proteins cause Histamine H1-H4 Nitrogenous compound inflammation in the Traumatic Pathogen toxins of Enzymes. It is from the trauma of the liver the response by producing a large number of Acute-phase reactants. I say treat the body and the Theory of Mind will follow via Embodiment. Theory of Mind is the negotiation that takes place as sublime Peripheral reactants from the Psycho Social public attitude of energizing noise and motion. Embodiment is the way Theory of Mind reacts to public stimulation of things.

Reactants are any of a number of proteins that migrate in the alpha1 and alpha2 regions of a serum protein electrophoresis, which are elevated in acute inflammation and visual hallucinations. Acute phase reactants traditionally include alpha1-antitrypsin, alpha1 acid glycoprotein. Alpha Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency are affected into THETA Wave Amplitude via hemp oil or cannabis as I found out in Amsterdam.
Here a person that cannot get Psychotic when the symptoms of Acute Inflammation occur then causes visual hallucinations of Confabulation as a result. This is a part of Tardive Dyskinesia where medicament affects the enactment of blinking into a momentary shutdown. The shutdown is unnoticeable and is via Cortical rebooting. But via constant anxiousness in sublime sounds where the Vestibulocochlear nerve is tuned to an inner Psychosis of thoughtfulness dysfunctions. In thought, the breath can become the states of NREM3-4 of a sleepwalking stance known as Abnormal to be Normal. A term that should not be used in my estimation of mental health clients. Once medications such as Olanzapine were removed the returning of Tinnitus was the outcome that then blocked inner psychotic actions of visual Confabulation and Sympathetic Anxiousness. If sleep cannot be instigated or at least Cortical rebooting, meditation may teach the essence of breath in deep intake and exhaling. The essence of breath is for talking and sleeping and the Circadian Cycle of night and day.
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There are two types of nerves that maintain and also help control the actions of the digestive system: stomach; large intestines and the small intestines. In the brain this area is controlled via the Vagus nerve. The nerves that control the digestive system of the stomach/brain barrier are the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. All these nerves belong in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata and is a key area in the divide of the body and brain barrier via the stomach. The Extrinsic (outside) nerves co-ordinate the digestive organs from the unconscious part of the brain and or from the Spinal cord. The nerve located from the brain to the spinal cord is an area known as the Vagus nerve. But also the Vagus nerve is a key area for nutrients entering the stomach/brain barrier and how our body’s react to emotions like elation and depression in Bipolar mood swings. These release a chemical called acetylcholine and another called adrenaline (Parasympathetic nerve). This reacts in a Harmony of the body/brain barrier. This is where the Sympathetic nerve controls the more cognitive emotions in Homeostatic control of hot and cold Psychosocial notions that react via Ectoderm (outside) skins layers.
Intrinsic (Inside) digestive enzymes are produced in the stomach from the food and liquids we ingest. An imbalance in how the Medulla Oblongata functions causes the circadian cycle to malfunction. This is in Psychosocial Homeostasis where the Parasympathetic nerve causes a lack of Ignorance. And that is to dull tones of the Psychosocially Buzzing noise from the crowds notions Elation forms when the Sympathetic nerve causes the overproduction. This malfunction happens in the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerves where the Bipolar Disorder of elation is concerned. In its Depressive Disorder a Facial Conformity Disorder causes the HMB (Beta Hydroxy Beta Butyric Acid) in the facial muscles a facial muscle feedback to the Medulla Oblongata malfunctions. All these nerves react directly with the facial muscles. HMB can be brought in supplements at many places as can Leucine to aid the facial nerves. Categories involved in food enzymes:
a. Lipase - break down fat and glycerol in our small intestine
b. Protease - breakdown of protein
c. Cellulase - breakdown of fiber
d. Amylase - breakdown of starch
e. Lactase - breakdown of dairy foods
f. Sucrase - breakdown of sugars
g. Maltase - breakdown of grains
Since protein conversion is necessary for glucose in the body, problems with protein digestion can cause hypoglycemia. It can also lead to mentality problems concerning irritability, as well as mood swings. Mood swings and irritability are typical in Bi-polar and some Psychotic episodes. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas and this allows a body to use sugar from carbohydrates for energy, but also to store glucose for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia). Theory says that hypoglycemia causes an imbalance in mentality due to the nervous system of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nutritional inequalities in Bipolar Disorders of the body/brain barrier. This can be extended as a lack of Protein Structures (Sugars) for Protease Enzymes to digest causing un-naturally low states of Depression disorders, but also mood swings and irritability in the latter nervous system. This I see as a non-physical illness phenomenon
Liquid Chlorophyll is a great tonic for alkalizing the body and it also helps to cleanse and strengthen the blood. Another useful natural supplement that can help alkalize the body is a Kelp & Hops Combination, Barley Grass and also Magnesium. Malic acid and Magnesium is said to aid and maintain a health of the mind as a Psychological functional resource. It is said to combat tiredness and fatigue (Lethargy), a common issue that can result in this Lethargy and that can cause sublime issues in mentality.

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Anxiety activates the autonomic nervous system - the flight or fight response - which can express itself through a number of different physiological (and generally unpleasant) bodily symptoms including panic attacks, fast pulse, palpitations, shallow breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain/tightness, sweating, choking, headaches, insomnia, irritability, uncontrollable muscle tension/twitches, trembling, feeling faint/unreal, tingling in hands/arms/legs, tightness in throat, dry mouth, problems with speech, fear of dying, going mad and losing control. Research tells us that most people have suffered some form of panic attack and experienced symptoms similar to the above at some time in their life.

Anxiety or thoughtfulness activates the autonomic nervous system of the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. This is via facial nerves and its muscles involving beta hydroxy beta methylbutyric acid (HMB). The facial nerves involve Leucine in the body brain barrier. Medicament can cause dysfunctions that can occur via Tardive Dyskinesia. It is the traumatizing Psychological trauma mental health symptoms in the flight or fight response of the body/brain barrier. And that is where there is no sublime Ignorance from the Parasympathetic nerve as well. It can express and cause neurochemical and nerve expression and as a Body mentalist attitude. This can be through a number of different physiological (and generally unpleasant) bodily symptoms that do not exist in a Norm of Society attitude in the mentally unwell.
It is also a mental health via Facial Conformity Disorders and the inner voice box of Psychological Anxiety Disorders that medicament can cause. This is known as Tardive Dyskinesia. It also includes other mental health stresses as well: including panic attacks, lack of fast pulse and lack of palpitations all due to a lack of exercise where the Ignorance nerve is the cause.
Also it can lead to shallow breathing. This then leads to thought in the Psychologically traumatized Vagus and Glossopharyngeal nerves instead of heart palpitations from the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic nerve. They form in the body/brain barrier of the Throat Chakra and inner voice box instead: and Medulla Oblongata in the brain being affected as well. The affectation is via the inner ear of a head Motion Disorder. This is known as Vestibular Motion Disorder.
It is to self Embodiment (feelings of self) and Psychosocial (Public yet of the self) interaction leading to an energizing of the meat tissue. This is the Germ Layers of centralizing into the 0-7 Psychosocial Chakras energy points of thought and meditation. This is what is causing Inner Experiences of an Anxiousness of Schizophrenia forming in some people via the Sympathetic nerve. This can be known in medicament induced mental illness as Confabulation.
This is an Inner Experience via Embodiment (inner/outer Chakra feelings) of a Psychosocial Script narration affected by Buzzed (noise) Energies. This then leads into into the 0-7 Chakras. It is where Script is the ‘story that is happening all around us….’
Zero is the Foot Chakras Germ Layer Energy point in the ball of the feet as an example. In the ball of the foot is where Energy leaves the body’s 3 Germ Layers. These Layers are connected to Embryonic Layers in the fetal womb in energy and aging. This is within Louis Althusser’s Interpellation. In this Psychological Interpellation of Chakras Energy’s it is of Psychosocial timed stimulation of Historical Insignificance. It is a Buzzing of Script (Erving Goffman) narration of Circadian Cycles. It is a timed Psychosocial Embryonic evolution of the bodies Germ Layers Buzzing and energizing references to the 7 Psychosocial Chakras. That is how fetus Interpellation works as a medical inquiry of East and Western Philosophies.
Schizophrenic thoughtfulness and Anxiety issues in the body/brain barrier of the Glossopharyngeal nerve are a cause via a Facial Conformity Disorder that medicament can cause via Confabulation. Psychological trauma symptoms is its lack of physiological feelings for a logic to Fight or Flight or Rest and Digest. That is because Ignorance is your resilience in your strength of character. And that is until your dysfunctional Circadian Cycle fails again. It then causes Confabulation as an Inner Experience where logic fails. This is to giving a logical reason in the Norm of Society in strength levels of everyday Anxious or stressful thoughtfulness. In the Norm of Society this person might be seen as irate. This leads into the Throat Chakra and inner voice box of the Inner Psychosocial Experience. There are 3 Germ Layers and these are the Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm of Autonomy control the Core Identity in the 0-7 Chakras.
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