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Vegetable Gardeners From Around the World. Come Dig Around!
Vegetable Gardeners From Around the World. Come Dig Around!

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Please Help Me Get Subscribers to My  New YouTube Collectors Channel.

Gardening isnt my only hobby. I enjoy science fiction and the world of collectables. I just started a new channel and really need help advertising it. I plan to do a lot of unboxing of all the new Stars Wars collectables. Lots of Legos and all the new stuff. The videos will be short and to the point like you are use too with my Garden Channel.

Thanks So Much!


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TRG 2016: Organically Preparing a Fall Garden Bed for Spring: Newspaper Weed-Block!

There are many ways to prepare your vegetable garden beds in the fall so they are ready for the spring. This is how I prepares some of my beds, so come fall, I just turn the ground and plant. I prepared this with organic fertilizers and I use a newspaper layer for weed block. Like I said, come spring I just turn it and plant it.

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Pea Tendrils and Leaves as Greens for Your Salads: They Can Take Frost! -TRG 2015

You can over seed and grow peas just for their leaves and tendrils. They have a great pea flavor and can take a few frosts. They will keep producing and give you a delicious green to add to your salads, up until the hard frost come.

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Harvesting Sweet Potatoes from Five Gallon Buckets: Lessons Learned for Next Year - TRG 2015

This was the first year I grew sweet potatoes in 5 gallon containers. I grew the transplants as slips. Check out the harvest (it was okay) and my strategy for next year. I think I learned a lot and next year should be extremely productive. I just need to start them earlier.

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How to Plant Elephant Garlic Plus: Harvesting and Using Elephant Garlic - TRG 2015

I show you how to plant Elephant Garlic toward the middle of the video. You plant elephant garlic, garlic and shallots around October in Maryland Zone 7 and it is ready come late Junish. I show you a past harvest and general use of the elephant garlic. It is very easy to grow, harvest and use.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quad Copter/Drone: Unboxing, Controlling & Flying Tips! 

Basic flying tips to get the Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad Copter/Drone into the air. I unbox it. Show you how to charge it and set it up. I also provide a description on how the controller works and offer some basic flying instructions to get you started. I will have advance flying videos.

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How Identify and Treat Whiteflies in Your Vegetable Garden: Hose, Soap & Oil, 3 Cycles - TRG 2015

Garden whiteflies are common and can become an infestation. I show you how to easily identify them in your vegetable garden. The treatment method consists of spraying them down with a hose and then with a soap and oil spray every 5 days for 3 cycles.  I discuss how to spray and how to make the mixture.

Always start with a weaker mixture and build up. Tomatoes my require a less potent mix as their leaves can damage more easily.

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Collecting Dried Red Yard Beans or Any Beans from Plants: Great for Winter Soups! - TRG 2015

You can collect any bean or even peas by using the process. Basically let some beans go and fully mature for a good 30 - 45 days before the fall comes or the growing season ends. Let them dry fully on the plant.  Pick them on a dry day and you have beans to replant next year or to store and use in soups!

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Coley Cooks Through the Seasons: Zucchini Fritters

Okay... about now we are saying what should I do with my squash and zucchini. Parmesan - check. Zucchini Bread - check. Sauteed - check. Pasta Sauce  - check. Gave it to neighbors  - check. Gave it to neighbors -- double check. Neighbors hiding from me - check.

This 2 minute recipe not only shows you how to make zucchini fritters, but also a dressing to go with it. Want to have crisp fritters, check out the tip for removing the moisture from the zucchini. All in two minutes!

Coley is nicely building a YouTube channel that features a lot of recipes based on what you and I are growing in the garden. She pulled the beets, in her Beet Chip recipe, from her garden. So she is one of us. Help her out and spread the word!

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I have a new FB page that will host videos for my FB group. These videos are all about vegetable gardening and they are ad free. I will also put up some older relevant videos from my archives. They are also ad free. You are welcome to come by and check it out.

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