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Watch 3D Printing At The Design Museum

The 3D printer is one of the many new attractions at The Design Museum, showing how design affects and influences manufacturing. Read more details here.

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Manufacturing ‘Boosting Business Confidence’

The latest report shows manufacturing posted a 1.5 point rise in the first three months of this year, putting it at an all-time high of 62.7. Read more...

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Fuel Cell Bipolar Principle Applied To Lithium Batteries

New research has discovered that the bipolar principle used in fuel cells can now be applied to lithium batteries. Currently, more than 50 per cent of the volume of batteries is occupied by housing and contacting structures......

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Holland Trials LED Pavement Strips

A Dutch town is trialling an innovative way of ensuring pedestrians know when it’s safe to cross the road, even if they’re too busy staring down at the screen of their smartphone.

According to reports, a scheme has been introduced in Bodegraven, whereby LED strips have been installed in the pavements next to pedestrian crossings.

These LED light strips shine green when it is safe to cross, red when there is traffic in the road and they flash when the lights are about to change.

So far, they have only been fitted at intersections near schools, but there is talk about extending their use to other parts of the road network.

Dutch councillor Kees Oksam said that mobile phones, and specifically smartphones, have been the main driver of the scheme.

“The attraction of social media, games, WhatsApp and music is great and comes at the expense of attention to traffic,” the councillor stated, adding that while the government cannot reverse the trend in increased mobile phone usage, it can anticipate it, and the likely consequences.

Many local authorities in the UK already use LED street lights, with Milton Keynes council recently revealing that it has been able to reduce its carbon footprint by changing to this technology for its street lights, the Milton Keynes Citizen reported.

The council estimates that it’s saved 150,000kWh of electricity in a year - the equivalent amount used by 235 three-bed households.

Growing use of LEDs in various aspects of life, such as street lighting, could give the sector a further boost.

If you need barium titanate to work on the development of any LED products, contact Thermograde today.

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New Perovskite Solar Batteries Developed

Scientists in Russia have developed a new form of inorganic perovskite solar battery that is incredibly efficient.

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Welding Training Centre Opens At Oaklands College

Oaklands College in Welwyn Garden City has opened a new welding training centre, where the engineers of tomorrow can hone their skills in virtual and hands-on training environments.

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New Milestone For Global Solar Power Reached

There is now 300 gigawatts of total installed solar power capacity around the world, hitting a new global milestone according to the German Solar Association


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