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Save Some Energy This Summer!

When you live at The Retreat at Conroe you should get every last bit of enjoyment out of your apartment home. The staff here at The Retreat wants to help in every single way that we can. Therefore, we have accumulated a list of different things that could help you save money this summer, and in turn, allow you to spend maximum time and money on the things that matter most to you. These are simple and easy things you can do on a daily basis to maximize your time here at The Retreat at Conroe.

1. Keep Your Showers Short! – There are water efficient shower heads that you can install to help with usage. If you can limit your shower to less than 10 minutes this can save you a bundle! An average shower uses 30-50 gallons of water! If you are able to minimize this it will save you on both your electric and your water bills!

2. Power Strip It! – Most people don’t know this, but a large number of electronics still use energy even when they are off! Can you believe that? TVs, Game Consoles, Lamps, and even your phone charger is working constantly even when you are not. Using a power strip with an on/off button can save you a lot of money this summer! Try to unplug these items when you can, if not the power strip is a great tool to help control what electric is being used in your home.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat – When you adjust your thermostat for the times you won’t be home, you are putting money back into your pocket! Especially if you have a programmable thermostat. You can actually set it to raise and lower the temperature for the times you are away. What a great way to optimize your savings while still remaining comfortable!

4. Keep Your Fridge Closed – When you open your refrigerator door you are wasting 50-120kWh per year depending on the amount of time you keep it open. Just think about it, you could run your dishwasher 20 times, or wash 50 load in your washing machine for the amount you used keeping the fridge open. To put it into perspective a bit more, that would give you almost 1 free load of laundry a week for 1 year. The reason this uses so much is because every time you open your fridge door you are letting cold air out, and replacing it with warm air from the kitchen. The longer it is open, the more cold air is released. This now causes your fridge to have to work triple to bring the temperature back down in order to keep your food good. The easiest way to prevent this is, know what’s in your fridge and open it with a purpose.

Following these small steps will save you money as well as help your environmental footprint. I hope all of these are helpful to you. Try them out for a month, and see the changes in your utility bills. We’re so glad to have you here at The Retreat at Conroe. Save money and stay cool!
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Stay Cool & Stay Active

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! As I’m sure you are aware it is ridiculously hot this year, and being outside without passing out is a feat of itself. For those who love being active it’s even worse so now we’re left in a bit of a pickle. We found a place right near your Conroe apartments that will be sure to keep you cool and active! Check out Sky Zone!

Sky Zone was one of the world’s first indoor trampoline parks. They call themselves the inventors of fun fitness. Sky Zone is an incredible way to combine fitness & fun while promoting healthy living. It was voted the number one ‘out of the box workout’ and the ‘best party ever!’ The creators of Sky Zone are ‘sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom.’ There are so many different options of things to do at Sky Zone. The Sky Slam court where you can jump up to 3 different basketball hoops and be just like the players you see on TV. Throw some crazy tricks leading up to the hoop; maybe even try a slam dunk! There are also 4 Ultimate Dodge ball Courts that you can play some of the most fun games of dodge ball ever! Trust me, I know firsthand. There is even a Foam Zone with over 10,000 foam cubes to land in. After playing your heart out you can rest at all benches and tables provided and even enjoy some of Sky Zone’s great refreshments. Here is a link to the website for more info:

There are so many fun things to do right around the corner from The Retreat at Conroe! That’s one of the best things about your apartment home here. LOCATION!!! So while you’re out and about this summer, stop by our office to check us out! We know you’ll love it here. :)
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