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50 Precious Words Entry
This is my entry for the Second Annual 50 Precious Words Contest hosted by Vivian Kirkland .  The guidelines and other entries to this contest can be found in her blog post  #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge is OPEN . A fun little fact.  This was originall...

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2017 Valentiny Contest Entry
This is my entry for the  2nd Annual Valentiny Contest hosted by Susanna Hill, found here:   The instructions are to write a Valentines story appropri...

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These are my top 100 most popular images! Which one is your favorite?

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Want to try an organized desktop? This might really help!

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An Organized Desktop
Ah…  ADD.  I have it in spades.  Lyme Disease made it worse.  So, I struggle with staying focused and organized... and setting priorities... and completing tasks and...  Anyone else?  Am I the only one here?  I doubt it! So, I try really hard to find system...

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Stone Soup!
Hello!   It's been quite a while, hasn't it?  There will be news soon!  In the meantime... Today I was featured over at Jenni Prokopy's blog, .  Here's a link to  Stone soup: How to create something from nothing when you have chronic ill...

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Hey, look!! I got a treat for Halloween! I am the featured blogger today on Chronic Babe! Go check it out!!

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5 Good Reasons to Take a Summer Break
I didn't really mean to take a summer break... it just kind of happened.  And it hasn't really been a break...just a break from the blog while I focus my limited energies on another project (we'll get to that in a minute!). I was reading a newsletter from S...

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Creative Alchemy: 6 Practices to Generate Ideas
There are creativity questions we often get asked or we ask ourselves: Where do you get your ideas? How did you get so creative? How can I increase my creativity? These are both easy and difficult questions to answer.  Philosophically speaking, I would find...

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What Do You Say When Life Knocks You Speechless?
Gosh, I really wish I knew how to answer that.  Life can be so complex and yet does it really need to be?  People's words and actions can fly so quickly and loosely and thoughtlessly.  They can cause so much pain, intentionally or not.

My heart is reeling ...
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