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Theresa Nicassio Award-Winning Author
Simple Solutions for Everyday Real Problems
Simple Solutions for Everyday Real Problems


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After the birth of my daughter in 1997, I found myself living a nightmare of disability and chronic pain, without anyone cluing in for over twelve years that my suffering was related to food sensitivities and autoimmune dysfunction. During that time, my greatest fear was that my daughters would be left motherless before they graduated high school.

It's impossible to tell you the gratitude I now feel for being given the gift of a second lease on life. So, even though I had previously been very private about such personal matters, I am now sharing my experience so that others can benefit.

As we thought about this process that started with my book, my husband and I decided that even if only one person could be spared from having to live through the nightmare that I went through or my dad suffered through before he died, that the monumental 6-year effort and my courage in sharing my story would be worth it. Miraculously, thousands have been benefitting.

I hope it helps you and those you love too.
<3 +Theresa Nicassio Award-Winning Author

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@Jonathan Goldman's 16th Annual #WorldSoundHealingDay will be LIVE TOMORROW on +HealthyLife.Net Radio Network right before Lady Rizo's #inspirational interview (which you can also access via ).

What a great #ValentiinesDay this will be.

Together we really can make the world a better place. ❤️

❤️ +Theresa Nicassio Award-Winning Author
Host of The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show #WUVIP #soundhealing #bethechange #makeadifference

In addition to knowing multi-award-winning Lady Rizo from her Grammy Awards album with #YoYoMa & Friends, many of you may know her from her phenomenal performance in #BacioRosso or her many performances at New York's +Joe's Pub at The Public.
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What Do #GLITTER #LAUGHTER & #LOVE Have In Common?

Be prepared to start your #Valentinesday with the #wacky wonderful & #soulful #grammyaward winning @theladyrizo starting 💞THIS THURSDAY💞

Listen LIVE or to the recording later.

If you don't already know #LadyRizo (aka #ameliazirinbrown) you'll see that she’ll be taking #selflove to a whole new level with her interview.

While she's an incredible #performingartist, including a #Grammy as one of the featured guests (along with folks like James Taylor, Diana Krall, Dave Brubeck, etc) on Yo Yo Ma’s Songs of #Joy and #Peace & has also won countless awards as a #comedienne, #actress & #cabaret diva, her passion for #socialjustice, #inclusivity & #humanrights is a huge driving force in all she does.

With a spirit like no other, but with elements that remind me a bit of brazen authentic performers like #BetteMidler #Queen ‘s #FreddieMercury & #kdlang & with a hilarious #comedy talent, this may be the most spirited interview to date.

Please help get the word out!

You can also tune in just prior this show for @JonathanGoldman’s 16th #worldsoundhealingday on +HealthyLife.Net Radio Network .

Lady Rizo is currently performing in #Vancouver #Canada as the Mistress of Ceremonies of the smash hit #BacioRosso.

❤️ +Theresa Nicassio Award-Winning Author

Photo by +Allison Michael Orenstein .
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Did you already see this? I just signed up!!!

Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk!
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Have you seen this show yet?

It you (or someone you love) is a senior & thinking about where you want to live for your last chapter in your life, this is a #mustsee Interview.

Filled with #greatcontent & #compassion, +Lynda Shrager offers insights, possibilities & perspectives you likely have never even considered.

Special thanks to our Show Sponsor +New Roots Herbal Inc. for their generous support that makes The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show on +HealthyLife.Net Radio Network with its #inspiring & #educational content & guests possible.

💙 +Theresa Nicassio PhD

#aging #ageinplace #aginginplace +Theresa Nicassio Award-Winning Author The Organized Caregiver - +Lynda Shrager +Dr. Theresa Nicassio
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What's past, is past. '7 Ways to Break Free from Living in the Past' by #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger +Moira Hutchison​ is a great way to define your destiny on purpose. #PositiveChange #Tips #Inspiration #LetItGo
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