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ACO Executive Summary of NEW USA COMPANY ACO LLC
Posted on July 17, 2012 by Theresa Morris
TJ Morris Project
Begins ACO LLC 2013-2014373059_377959715613395_1407756778_n

ACO will be an acronym for various divisions and sub-sets of the original holding company for
associates, consultants, organizers who are friends with Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris dba ACIR

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
ACO Consciousness, Parapsychology, Ufology, Women ET Contactees as Spiritual Evolution of our Species Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings with TJ Morris Entertainment Tonight Radio. International Headquarters -Agent – Founder Director President – Theresa J Morris

Hawaii Home Office – Agent – Co-Founder – Executive Vice President – Janet Kira Lessin, We the members of the original Ascension Center ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness.

Ascension Centers founded for spiritual growth, education, and continues research for the communication of truth. Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio/visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms and new thought teachings and philosophies.

We share ACO LLC Associates, Consultants, Organizers for the Spiritual Transformation Movement for health and prosperity for all. We specialize in the healing and knowing of believing that we are all extraterrestrials sharing universal wisdom of the entire cosmos and the theory of everything.

We share with Theresa J Morris, American News Magazine, Anew News,,,,,,, and Theresa is a well-known psychic tarot reader who began Psychic Network and Ascension Centers Hawaii. Theresa is now the talk show host for TJ Morris Entertainment Org and ACO LLC. Theresa lives in Beaver Dam, KY USA. Theresa shares her business to business associates among trusted friends interested in cosmology.

260 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY USA 42320
(270) 274-6707 Cell (270) 256-6292
Business Email:,
Skills Summary
Broadcast Media News/Publishing
Computer Proficiency/Web Master
Investigations/Information Security
Journalist/Blogger/Web Publisher-Ezines
Operations/Office Management
Producer/Broadcast Music/Commercials
Property Management/Day Care Director
Radio Talk Show Host
Records Search/Report Writing
Speaker/Self-Help Motivator
Excellent investigative, analytical, planning, organizational, administrative and communicative skills.
Decisive results oriented, experienced researcher, self-starting team player, team leader and co-creator.

Professional Experience
Broadcast Media Producing, songwriting, commercials, event planning, webpage building, hosting, small business management online
Managed offices, served as paralegal/legal assistant, experienced property manager, product design, development, manufacturing and marketing.
Successfully instituted a profit and non-profit corporation with international travel and trade.
Performed extensive investigative work in and out of country both legal and private contractor while providing support groups and documentation for how to improve efficiency and proficiency.
Assisted in NIS/FBI case investigations
Notary Public for State of Texas, Licensed Investigator in Birmingham, Alabama, worked with both domestic and international law enforcement officials in arson, fraud, and subrogation.
Work History
Owner ACO LLC, Beaver Dam, KY 2013 to Present
Owner TJ Morris Media, dba ACIR, Beaver Dam, KY 2002 to Present
Over the Road Semi Truck Driver, TX, TN, 1995-2002
Founder/President/CEO, Jungle Beach Corporation, Honolulu, HI 1990-1994
Founder/President/CEO Ascension Center/Psychic Network Inc., Honolulu, HI 1990-1994
U.S. DOD Dept. of Navy, TX, IL, HI, 1985-1993
Legal Investigator Newton B. Schwartz, Attorney, Houston, Texas 1982-1985
Legal Investigator/Secretary Attorneys Cucci, Welch, Collichio, Welch, Rochester, NY 1982
Investigator/Owner, ACIR Birmingham, AL 1978-1981
Office Manager/Assistant, John Taliaferro, Attorney at Law, Birmingham, AL 1977-1978
Police Officer/Dispatcher, Pearland Police Dept., Pearland, TX, 1976
Frank Gilman Pontiac/GMC, Houston, TX 1975-1976
Property Manager, NBS Diamond Properties and Investments, Houston, TX 1970-1975
Homemaker/Mother, Houston, Texas 1967-1975 (although continued through lifetime)
Dairy Queen, Kenny Merchant, Houston, TX 1967
Education and Training
Undergraduate courses in business administration, law enforcement, psychology
Owensboro Community & Technical College, Owensboro, KY
Daymar College, Owensboro, KY
The Pacific Institute, WA
American Truck Driving School, OK
Income Builders International, Madison, AL
College of Lake County, Waukegan, IL
U.S. Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, IL
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Alvin Community College, Alvin, TX
Barbizon Modeling, Birmingham, AL
Houston Spinnerettes, Baton, Dance, Modeling, Houston, TX
Camille Long Hill, Dance, Houston, TX
Arthur Murray Dance, Martha Gilliland, Birmingham, AL
Professional Membership
BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated, Nashville, TN
ACI Associates Consulting International, USA,
ACO Associate Consultants Online, USA
ACE Associates Community Education, USA
ACIR Associates Consulting International Relations, USA

Long Term Plan 5 year Business Plan to begin 2015
ACO-WVO – Accountable Care Organization – Women Veterans Organizations


Executive Summary Overview

Theresa J. Morris, Chief Executive Officer

Holding company owning majority interest in subsidiary companies that will own property rights to products, and services including design, development, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, marketing, and promotion rights for sustainability of planet and species.  ACO will include educational and spiritual consumer products/services including but not limited to natural clothing, stationary items, jeans, shirts, leather and substitution products that are environment and considered green products including produce distribution.
ACO doing business with TJ Morris ACIR sole proprietor and Founding Agent for Ascension Center organization is a C Corporation of Kentucky in formulation with administrative offices in Maui, Hawaii. The company, through its subsidiary of ACE FOLKLIFE has developed a line of environmental and cruelty free products currently known in the market place of publishing books, ebooks, trade publications, manuals, and directories for open source directories for archiving with the Ace Folklife Historical Society in alliance with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. with the ACE Historical Archives of music and folklife and folklore stories and documents. ACE Folklife Club meets at an annual convention of  Anthropologists, Archivists, Authors, Co-creators, Crafters, Educators, Engineers, Folklorists, Life Coaches, Lightworkers,  Metaphysicians, Parapsychologists, Psychologists, Physicists, Scientists, Therapists,  Truth Seekers, as well as Auditors, Copywriters, Editors, Statisticians, Web Builders, and Social Networkers and Associations and Organizations in various interests groups. Entertainers, Photographers, Videographers of ACE CLUB are also one social group in association with the ACO. TJ Morris Dba ACIR is the Personal Consultant who has agreed to comply with federal rules and regulations as registered agent for all who are in the association as subscribers of the Ascension Center Organization with memberships to include being listed in the American News Magazine or the Anew News Journal.
The company is headed by Theresa J. Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Ms. TJ Morris has had over 35 years’ experience as a successful business owner and sole proprietor, creator, entrepreneur, developer, and product marketing expert in international import and export with investigations and research fields. Janet Kira Lessin is a successful management consultant with services as an outside management advisor. Dr. Sasha Jack Lessin, Ph.D., is a doctor in anthropology from UCLA in California, and has masters in psychology, and has taught for University of Hawaii. Dr. Lessin is a qualified therapists, and author of books of anthropology and research.  The company is in search of people to fill the following positions via Outside Management Contract: Chief Operating Officer, Research and Development Manager; Vice President in various levels of marketing and manufacturing for each state in the United States of America.  The Administrative support staff will include web builders, web hosts, app builders, convention set up managers, chairpersons of each state chapter, and franchisee wholesale marketing distributorships for retail online E-commerce shops.
ACO, holding corporation is through its subsidiary Ascension Center Organization which produces high quality products and services as marketing and promotional items to include a full line of retail casual clothing and outerwear of cotton and fleece products including jeans of various designs, colors, makes and models to fit all sizes from petite to size 3x including T-shirts with company logos and slogans for marketing the latest authors, books, websites, and causes. Books and Ebooks are packaged through the TJ Morris Publishing imprint of Timely Manor Books under Morris Publishing/Timely Manor Books logos. A portion of each sale goes to preserving the rain forest of North America and natural lands of Hawaii and other states in the United States and rescuing dolphins and whales and the natural environment such as coral reefs.
ACO CORP is seeking first stage $50,000, $75,000 second stage, and $125,000 third stage funding before asking for fourth stage of $250,000 for final stage for operating, research, and design capital has been reached for full line of products of services is reached to be restocked annually.
Start- up development and marketing, product production, operational expenses, working capital, research and development, capital equipment, facilities improvements, and finally administrative salaries after the first year of capital growth improvisations for the setting up of licensed franchisees model of adding safe havens and retreat centers for people who need to share in the combining of efforts in synergy while living in a cooperative environment within a community of practicing skills. People with disabilities including both men and women veterans will be included as first choice for consideration when homeless and jobless. People helping People who are about sustainability for planet and species will be first consideration for administrative jobs. Those who are already on disability and have work tickets can be qualified through federal and state programs. Dialysis patients who need transportation to and from treatment three times a week are also considered for serving as part-time employees and volunteers in the spiritual community who will learn new skills that will be practiced in the manufacturing in cottage industries of ACO. Logo recognition and branding services of the Ascension Center Organization for Sustainability Solutions and Health and Prosperity for ALL will be the supporting factor for all use of funds.
Articles of Incorporation and By-laws are modeled after the Consumer Protection Organization with subscribers as members set at $36.00 annually or $12.00 quarterly to be included in our directories as supporters of the Arts – Visual and  Performing, and ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society Archivists, Contributors, Researchers, and Web-Builders of Internet Online Websites for our ACO Group of organizations in an alliance to be subscribers to either our American News Magazine Directory of Members or Anew News Magazine Body-Mind-Spirit Subscribers and Contributors.
Branding Recognition will be for all products produced by ACO and all clubs as subsidiaries and divisions. ACO Annual National Convention will grow to include the International Community.
Caregiver Support Program was developed to support Caregivers as our partners in ensuring the best care for our seniors and veterans. The program provides a wide range of services to caregivers and counselors as well as Life Coaches for all areas. The program provides additions monthly services and is urged to participate I our licensing and certificate programs of various levels of expertise for Life Coach Managers and Caregiver Support Coordinators for the Ascension Center Education and Healing Centers. ACO Consciousness Counselors interact with various other licensing programs in each state. Administrators, Research and Developers of various Communities of Practicing Skills as COPS will be asked to provide contact information in our Guides which are provided to various service agencies and organizations in alliance with our Ascension Center Health and Caregivers Organization. Our basic list of concerns is listed in our websites such as Ascension, and We also offer administrative management and personal consultants, and organizers for our events which include our speakers list. TJ Morris and Janet Lessin serve as Individual Agents.
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Theresa Morris

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For my sister-in-law Debbie! TJ
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Theresa Morris

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For those desiring to travel we have negotiated prices with some travel consolidators.
Your full name as it appears on your passport:
First name, middle and last name ON Your date of birth. 
Your preferred departure date, time and city:
Your return date to the US :
Your preference for flying: 
The emails will be forwarded to three of the best consolidators and group travel experts to India. 
They will offer the best price and service and be in touch with you.
As soon as you have booked your tickets, please RSVP online at
The ashram needs to know you are coming in order to arrange for your accommodation. 
You can also use the same online form to order an ashram taxi to pick you up at the airport.
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Ascension Avatar Masters Guide Book
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Theresa Morris

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Please Share 30 Minutes of my life. Thank you. TJ
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We are sharing online with Bill M Tracer - author-artist-book called Will the Internet achieve sentience?
Futurist - what is a futurist? Futurist Conferences. Video Lectures, Other Online Course, free tutorials and lecture notes, free download, Educational Lecture Videos
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  • Univ. of Alabama in Birmingham
    Criminal Justice-Forensics-English, 1977
  • Alvin Community College
  • U.S. Naval Academy Hospital Corps School
    JAG investigations - Medical, 1985
  • U.S. Trucking
    Over the Road Commerical Truck Drivers (CDL), 1994
  • Illinois Academy of Business & Public Security
    Security & Firearm Training, 1985 - 1986
Basic Information
Other names
Born: Theresa Janette Thurmond, Jan, Terri, TJ
Author/Ambassador of Goodwill/Spiritual Guide
Bragging rights
Author, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Social Networker, Syndicated Journalist, Singer, Songwriter, Member BMI, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Pres/CEO - Profit and Non-Profit for Artists, Authors, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Songwriters,
Entrepreneur Consultant/Author/Publisher/Speaker
Speaking/Radio Talk Show Host/Author/Publisher/Marketing/Social Networking/Social Media
  • ACE Nonprofit INC
    CEO, 2012 - present
  • ACO Press Club
    CEO, 2012 - present
    ACO Social Service Club - Social Media - Social Networking - Education- Training - Web Publishing - Ebooks/Books - Producer - Documentaries -
  • TJ Morris
    Brand Public Relations Mktg., 2000 - present
  • Anew News
    Publisher, 2005 - present
  • American News Magazine
    Founder-Owner, 2005 - present
    Founder Admin Organizer, 2012 - present
  • Ascension Center
    Founder, 1989 - present
  • ACE Folklife Society
    Founder Admin Organizer, 2007 - present
  • ACO Corp KY USA
    Pres CEO, 2012 - present
  • ACIR
    Owner, 1966 - present
  • Self-publishing
    Author/Editor, 2000 - present
  • Timely Manor Books
    Owner, 2009 - present
  • TJ Morris Publishing
    Owner, 2000 - present
  • TJ Morris LTD
    Government Contractor, 1967 - present
  • ACIR Legal -Assured Confidential Investigative Reports
    Investigator- Legal, Private, JAG, GS, 1968 - present
  • ACIR Contractor-Consultant
    Investigator - GS - Civilian-, 1978 - present
  • TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
    CEO, 2005 - present
  • American Independent OTR CDL
    Truck Driver - Courier - Security, 1995 - 2002
  • DOD-Dept. of Navy
    GS Civil Servant OPM and USNR-R, 1985 - 1993
  • ACIR & Attorneys At Law
    Paralegal-Legal Investigator-Legal Assistant, 1978 - 1985
  • Newton B Schwartz, Atty. at Law
    Property Manager-, 1970 - 1974
  • Dairy Queen
    Cashier-Service, 1966 - 1967
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Beaver Dam, KY
Beaver Dam, KY - Monroe, LA - Houston, TX - Birmingham,AL - Denver, CO - Rochester,NY - Chicago, IL - Great Lakes, IL - Waukegan, IL - Honolulu, HI - Aiea, HI - Tulsa, OK - Fort Hood, TX - Killeen, TX - Dallas, TX -
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260 Carolyn LN, Beaver Dam, KY 42320
2702566292, 2702746707
260 Carolyn Ln, Beaver Dam, KY 42320