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This is my circle of artists and designers. I'd like to see it grow. Say hi if your an artist or designer (aside from or in addition to photography).

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Some of those faces certainly look familiar. A good start! I'd be honored to be included.
+Julie Ray I had you in my photographer and NAPP circles, and I know your designer. Too funny that so many of designers who do photography only think of each other as photographers.
I do a little bit of both too, actually.
+Stephen Park So your another designer/photographer that I had circled for the photo critique group. Thanks for introducing yourself as a designer too.
Hello Theresa I am an impressionist painter and nature photographer. I also had you circled in my photo critique group and have now added you to my artists circle and women aritists and photographers circle :)
I've done Graphic Design since 2000 in addition to photography.
Hi there! I'm an illustrator and have done some graphic design as well. I'm currently working on a children's book which I will post about here on g+.
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