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Bringing reading home for families.
Bringing reading home for families.

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First Book and Pearson launch #ReadUP: A Non-Partisan Call-to-Action for Education and Literacy . Every time you share the #ReadUP hashtag, Pearson helps fund books to readers in need.

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Continuing to debunk the myth that if it isn't "printed" then it isn't reading ...

How #Audiobooks & #Podcasts Can Help Struggling Readers | via the Children's Book Council

#literacy #familyliteracy

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A Path Forward: How #Libraries Support Refugee Children | SchoolLibraryJournal #refugees

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Wow! I'm not a big fan of numbers, but this is pretty telling and has a direct literacy impacct.

“51 percent of Americans are interested in science, but only 28 percent have a sufficient level of scientific understanding to follow and engage in debates about current science and technology policy issues”

University of Michigan Institute of Social Research

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You've probably sung your ABCs, and Rub-a-Dub-Dubbed in in the Tub. Together, the rhythm and rhyme help build our children's literacy skills.

As we learned in this the Huffington Post UK Parents blog, there are seven benefits to incorporating "music reading" into our literacy diets.

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Helping our children become strong readers is easier than we think.

From Pamela High, MD: “Focus on the 5 Rs of early education: read together, rhyme and play with words, set consistent routines, reward with praise, and develop a strong relationship.”

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We often assume that picture books are for young readers. Ad we know what happens when we assume ... Librarian Holly Sctorck-Post has a great article at the School Library Journal blog.

Three Ways To Use Picture Books with Older Kids from @hollystorckpost @SLJournal

#literacy #lit4families #picturebooks

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Getting the kids involved with cooking has SOOOO many benefits - literacy, math, teamwork, and the joy of creating something.

This article at the Selene River Press blog is an age-based guide to what to introduce and when. How to Introduce Kids to the Kitchen.

#literacy #lit4families

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As someone who wishes she had the time to write stories for chidren, I am always eager to talk with real authors. Where do their stories start? did they always love to read? how do they decide what to write?

Recently I had a chance to talk with Lauri Fortino, who actually has TWO of my dream jobs: author and librarian. In our two-part interview Lauri answers my questions about being a writer and also talks about her amazing (my words!) debut picture book, The Peddler's Bed.

Lauri Fortino and The Peddler’s Bed: An Interview #readingtub-google #feedly

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Although it is not always true, more often than not if a parent likes to read, a child will often grow to be a reader, as well. In the case of children’s author Lauri Fortino, it was having a poet in the house that inspired her to be a writer! Growing up,…
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