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In addition to massage therapy, our wellness center provides several additional services for the body. Therapeutic Touch has been providing relaxation and therapy to the people of Cleveland, OH. for nearly 20 years.

Synergy for the Body - 15 minutes for $30.00

Synergy for the Body is the ultimate treatment for cellulite reduction. Using subdermal tissue massage techniques, this therapeutic massage stretches, stimulates and applies pressure to the subcutaneous tissue of problem areas. Synergy for the Body is recommended in an 8 to 16 treatment series of sessions for optimal results. Ask about our 10 minute trial of this procedure, which we offer to clients for free.

Body Exfoliation Treatment – 1 hour session – $65

With the Body Exfoliation Treatment, our therapists provide a cleansing sea salt scrub to exfoliate the skin of the body. The sea salt procedure is followed with a moisturizing rub of oils of lavender, rosewood and geranium. This procedure energizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Hydrotherapy Tub – 15 minute session – $10

Available before or after massages, the Hydrotherapy Tub will relax and detoxify the muscles.

However, we will personalize your massage therapy session based on your specific needs. We are the most conscientious and caring wellness center in the greater Cleveland, OH. area.

Traditional Swedish Massage – 1 hour session* – $60

The Traditional Swedish Massage is a full body massage and the most familiar of all massages to most individuals. This full body manipulation technique improves circulation by applying rhythmic compression to the muscles. Traditional Swedish Massage also improves muscle and skin tone, as well as relaxes and rejuvenates the individual.

Deep Tissue Massage – 1 hour session* – $60

Deep Tissue Massage is a more detailed massage that provides deep therapy for muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is optimal for overworked muscles.

Aroma Therapy Massage – 1 hour session* – $65

The Aroma Therapy Massage combines the Traditional Swedish Massage with herb and plant essential oils, along with flowers, to enhance the massage therapy session with aromatic influences.

Neck, Back and Shoulders – 45 minute session – $50

The Neck, Back and Shoulders massage is an introduction to therapeutic massage. These massages sooth overworked muscles and relieve tension from the commonly stressed areas.

Sports Massage – 1 hour session* – $60

The Sports Massage is a deep tissue therapeutic massage that restores flexibility and movement, prevents over-exertion muscle spasms, and alleviates joint constrictions.

Reflexology – 1 hour session – $60

A Reflexology session consists of a pressure-point massage with thermal therapy applied to the feet. Reflexology is renown for its therapeutic effects on the entire body. Reflexology relieves pain, releases stress and energizes the entire system.

Pregnancy Massage – 1 hour session* – $60

The Pregnancy Massage is a Traditional Swedish Massage tailored to the mother-to-be. The Pregnancy Massage reduced back pain, which is commonly associated with pregnancy. These massages also relieve aches and pains in the extremities and in the hips. These massages increase the feelings of well-being for the mother-to-be, and may be performed throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

Combination Facial and Massage – 1 hour and 30 minute session – $95

The Combination Facial and Massage Package provides an outstanding Traditional Swedish therapeutic massage session with a deep cleansing facial. Enjoy this package to experience the full enjoyment of healing massages and a rejuvenating facial during one session.

Massage Therapy Sessions

One Half Hour – $35
45 Minutes – $50
1 Hour – $60
1 Hour and 15 Minutes – $75
1 and One Half Hour – $90

Deep Cleansing Facial – 45 minute session – $50 / 1 hour session – $60

Our staff utilizes papaya enzymes which are activated by steam to exfoliate the skin the skin in a gentle and natural manner. The exfoliation prepares the skin for the extraction process and a moisturizing or firming mask. Arm and hand massages are included with the Deep Cleansing Facial.

Back Facial – 45 minute session – $50

The Back Facial is a cleansing and exfoliating procedure for the back that cleans and extracts pores. The initial procedure is followed by a mud mask to slow oil build up in the back area.

Sinus Treatment – 30 minute session – $40

With the Sinus Treatment, our experienced therapists utilize menthol steam to open up the sinus area. Sinus treatment, combined with pressure-point massages of the neck, face and feet, using energy flow principles to restore balance and improve circulation.

Ear Candling – 1 hour session – $60

The Ear Candling process utilizes paraffin candles to remove excess ear wax from the ear canal. This procedure is particularly helpful for those who suffer from allergies. Facial massages are included with the Ear Candling procedure.

Scalp Treatment – 20 minute session – $25

The Scalp Treatment is performed with Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary oils to relieve headaches, stimulate blood flow and hydrate the hair and scalp.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones were used in ancient times for therapeutic purposes to relieve stiffness and pain. The warmth from the heated stones creates a sense of relaxation, as well as relieves aches, pains and tension.

1 hour session – $80
1 and 15 minute session – $95
1 and 1/2 hour session – $110

Massage is an ancient natural treatment for many disorders and ailments. Recently, massage therapy is gaining acceptance as a natural treatment in traditional medicine to treat body aches and pains. Massage therapy is often recommended in lieu of pharmaceutical treatments. Regular sessions of therapeutic massage, performed by a skilled massage therapist, provides many benefits to the client, including pain relief and relaxation. Therapeutic massage tones the body and rids the system of toxins, as well as tension caused by stress.

Therapeutic massage is also known to bolster confidence, enhance one’s sense of well-being, and contribute to emotional stability. Massage therapy is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life.
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