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The Property Jungle
The Property Jungle specialise in building websites for property professionals.
The Property Jungle specialise in building websites for property professionals.

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George Burns once said "I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life".

If you want to shape what that future holds, don't sit and waiting to see what it throws you. Start putting in place the building blocks to help create the one you want now.

As the property world shifts further online, creating a website fit for purpose is now more important than ever. We can help you make the first steps in securing your place in the future of the property industry NOW.

Talk to us about our Monthly Payment Plans and take control of your future now.

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Virtual Reality WILL be a big part of the future of the property market.

The future of property marketing is all about Immersive and Interactive Experience so if you thought Star Trek communicators were impossible 40 years ago, take a look at your smartphone and think again.

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You could be forgiven for thinking that you need to be an IT expert to be an estate agent today.

Rest assured, YOU DON'T!

That's our job and we don't think you need to be inflicted with endless white noise techno babble either.

We know you became an estate agent because you're a people person and love property, not because you want a degree in Internet Technology.

If you want no nonsense, plain speaking industry experts to help your website become more effective and work even harder for you (without all the 'blurb'), get in touch today. 

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It would take more than BRIXIT jitters to knock THE GREAT BRITISH ESTATE AGENT down.

Our agents are fighting back against the fear-mongers and driving forward.

The property industry has seen more than its fair share or drama and crisis over the last century and estate agents are well equipped to find their way through whatever happens over the next few years. After all. they've had plenty of practice. 

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Are you ready for the next generation of viewing experiences?

360 Degree Virtual Tours and Remote Virtual Viewings are here now.

Great for any business but if you have overseas buyers, this is a must have sales tool.

For more information, check out our website or get in touch.

This fantastic new addition to our interactive toolkit has already been snapped up by some of our forward thinking clients so don't get left behind.

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Decisions and opinions can be made before an email is sent or a number dialed, which could be a blessing if your staff let you down.

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We can't tell you what life Post-Brexit will hold for the property industry. There is no crystal ball with the answers but what we can tell you is, there will still be a property industry.

Who succeeds over the next few uncertain years or longer will be those agents who refuse to stand still and keep moving forward.

It may feel like you're treading water at the moment but it's now crucially important that we all rise to the challenge, to ensure we are part of the future of property, whatever that may be.

We can make this easier for you and provide you with the tools to help you become stronger and more resilient so you don't just survive but can achieve great success whilst those agents that just stood still flounder.

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Your calls are important to us, so when you told us that you sometimes found it hard to get hold of the right person, we totally changed how we handle you calls. 

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Is market uncertainty stopping you from investing in your business?

If you don't keep swimming hard, you sink so to help you give your business the website it needs, to not only survive but swim a victory lap, we've introduced Monthly Payment Plans.

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Struggling to convert website traffic into business? Here are the Top 5 Tools to help you convert online traffic into quality leads.
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