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The Insider's Guide to Property Investing with Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley
The Insider's Guide to Property Investing with Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley


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A settlement headache is NOT good, folks. It’s painful and prickly and annoying and can be pretty costly too! And things are shifting in the digital space to make property transactions easy for you…
Things we’re about to tell you in today’s brand new episode.

We’ve got a very special guest on The Couch — Lisa Dowie, Chief Customer Officer at Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA), Australia’s online settlement platform, to tell you:

>> The Pros of Digital Property Transactions
>> When exactly ALL paper forms will be shredded and replaced with a mouse click (or most likely, a finger tap)
>> Why this stuff is crucial to a property investor at any stage of their journey.

… basically, this episode is a no-brainer. 😉
That, AND we’ve got a pretty epic announcement in there too.

#Podcast #ThePropertyCouch #PEXA #eConveyancing #digital
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We've got Lisa Dowie from PEXA on the Couch today to talk about how conveyancing and property transaction is going to change big time!! DIGITAL has already put a dent in the property market and it's only going to get bigger. Especially when it comes to property transactions.

Is now a Thing of the Past.

Tune in at 3pm later to find out more. ;)

#Podcast #Conveyancing #Digital #Progress
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Feeling a bit bummed you missed our LIVE PODCAST in Sydney?
No problem, folks… we’ve got your back with a Live recording of it RIGHT NOW. And it’ll help you achieve passive-income-live-balance (and stop you buying bad properties)!

If you want to invest in property, but don’t want to give up your life…
Or you’re having trouble staying the distance….
Or you’ve bought a dud property and don’t know what to do with it...
… this episode has you covered.

Make sure you stick till the end for a special announcement from Ben!
Plus, we’ve answered a handful of LIVE QUESTIONS too. Stuff like the Budget Changes to Tax Depreciation, spruikers, Exit Strategies and all that.
Basically, we’ve squished in as much as we can in one episode!
CLICK THE LINK to hear the gold, folks!

#Podcast #ThePropertyCouch #TPCLIVE #Sydney
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Have you made these Strata mistakes?
Can you list the issues and disputes inside an owners corporation?
Did you just blink, drop your gaze to the floor, and wonder, “ummm…”???

… because folks, we have an unbelievably gold-packed episode for you today, which covers A LOT of topics and disputes we often don’t think about… but are RIDICULOUSLY IMPORTANT!!!

We've mentioned it for 2 weeks now and getting comfy on The Couch with us today is Tim Graham, Partner at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, who’s in to help you unpack Real Estate Law … especially when it comes to Strata!!

So, go get your pen and paper >>>>>>
>>>>> Back, prepped and ready?? Good. Now let’s get into it!!

#Strata #RealEstate #PropertyTitle
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Today’s episode is a literal knock out, folks… because it’s time for a “BATTLE ROUND” Q & A!
This is THE show for those of you who have been tossing up between 2 property investment decisions & still haven’t got an answer!

… Get ready for…
• Melb vs. Brissy
• $ But Further Out vs. $$$ BUT Further in
• House vs. Apartment
• Sell vs. Hold
• Costs vs. Gains

"THIS" VS. "THAT"… let’s battle it out…

#podcast #ThePropertyCouch #BattleRound #LaurelvsYanny
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Here's the PICA's Petition that we mentioned on the podcast today! They are very close to 500 and they are aiming for 100,000.

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Want to know the exact rules to win at property investing?
Full disclosure folks: they’re not a secret! Nope… no wool under the rug here…Our brand new episode is about the TRIED & TESTED, SUCCESSFUL, LOGICAL RULES that successful property investors follow (and have always followed)… revamped & in one show for you!

Stuart Wemyss, who has over 20 years’ experience in the financial industry, is the Founder of ProSolution Private Clients and author of Investopoly… the game-changing book that goes into detail about the golden rules of building wealth!
So, how about a spoiler into his book & the exact, history-backed rules, hey?

No need to wait. Get the lowdown RIGHT NOW >>

#Podcast #BuildingWealth #PropertyInvesting
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It's a back-to-back data filled podcast! The property research you do will make or break your investment returns, folks!

So in today’s podcast, we’ve got John Lindeman, Director of Property Power Partners to teach you what you need to look for BEFORE you do what he did very early on in his decade(plus) experience as a property investor…

Learn from the success of a thought-leader who has spent his career pulling back the layers of data to predict Boom Markets and Positive Cash Flow Properties!!

And if that’s not enough to convince you to tune in, folks … WE’VE SET THE DATE for our SYDNEY LIVE EPISODE and so much more we need to fill you in on!

Get the episode here:

#ThePropertyCouch #Podcast #Research
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It's Podcast Day and we've got an awesome special guest today for you! :)

John Lindeman, Director of Property Predictions and Property Power Partners, is here to share his insights on Boom and Cashflow Predictions and his upcoming Live event! Make sure to tune in at 3pm later. ;)

#Research #BigData #Location
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