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Helping Business Owners Grow their Business
Helping Business Owners Grow their Business

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#Marketingtip 69: With today’s connectivity you will likely have more success with a narrowly focused product than a mass marketed one.

#Marketingtip 68: There is risk in being edgy, chasing the trend and trying the new. There is also risk in trying to play it safe! Weigh it!

#Marketingtip 67: Being the best at what you do means nothing if what you do is not valued. Look objectively at your positioning.

#Marketingtip 66: Many companies strive to be the low-price leader. I would prefer to be the high-trust leader. It’s a better business!

#Marketingtip 65: Marketing & Business is about value creation. How valuable are your marketing communications?

#Marketingtip 64: Trust - Connection - Surprise. These are all scarce in life, so include them in your marketing for real impact.

“Creating ideas that spread, and connecting the disconnected are the two pillars of our new society. So think like an artist.” ~Seth Godin

#Marketingtip 63: Mirror the values of your customers. E.g. If they value hard work, show you are working hard for them.

#Marketingtip 62: Track referral propensity of your customer sub-groups. Acquisition ROI should take this into account in your budget.

#Marketingtip 61: Your marketing personality should not be superhuman. We respect authority, but we trust people who are similar to us.
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