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+Aaron Seigo  , how do you think Mir, Ubuntu's new display manager, will effect a project like Kubuntu?

I'm curious to hear any of your other thoughts about it too.
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You'd best ask the Kubuntu devs .. but here are my expectations:

Kubuntu is developed separately from Ubuntu these days. Canonical does not pay for development there anymore, and it becomes quite clear why. :)

I would honestly expect Kubuntu and other *buntu derivatives to continue using and eventually move to Wayland. This is because they are more likely to work with their upstreams, who are either staying on X11 or working on Wayland migrations, rather than jump to the Mir Unity shell.

Where it will get uncomfortable is that these derivatives will likely end up having to maintain, Wayland, etc on their platforms and will no longer be able to rely on Canonical for this. This is likely to push the derivatives closer to each other and further from Canonical. Perhaps we'll even see some simply rebase on Debian itself.

We're still at least one year from that becoming a concern, however, and I honestly expect Ubuntu to keep around for far longer than that on the desktop for practical reasons.

This also assumes that Mir will work acceptably on the desktop at all; that too remains to be seen.
Hopefully not. At this rate, one might as well just go up the chasm and go to a pure Debian + KDE setup.
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