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The Pin People - Lapel Pin Company
We don't just create lapel pins, we build relationships!
We don't just create lapel pins, we build relationships!

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Is you nursing school looking for a graduation pin?  

The Pin People has been providing quality custom lapel pins to schools and agencies for years.  If you are in need of nursing pins for your graduating Nursing School class we can set up a program for your class to create the perfect lapel pin for your Nursing School or graduating class.

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Ever loose the backings for your Lapel Pins?  Amazon is now featuring our products!

The Pin People are now featured on Amazon.  We offer 50, 100, 250, 500, or more!

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The Pin People are proud to partner with Re-Energize Project to be their exclusive Lapel Pin Manufacturer.
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Baseball season is right around the corner.   This is the perfect time to start to design your #tradingpins . Our PINgineers will help you through the entire process.
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This is a great video about how pins are made.  It is an very interesting video about the process on how pins are made.  You will never look at a pin the same way again, when you see how much goes into creating a single lapel pin!

how its made, lapel pins. 
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The Pin People has simplified the process of ordering school pins. You can order ready-made or custom ones depending on your needs. Our team works on custom shapes, size, colors, and materials. You can order custom pins in batches of hundreds or thousands; no amount is too big or small.

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Custom screen printed lapel pins are great for logos that don't require color gradients, but when small thin metal lines are not an option.  They look great and they are cost effective.

You can learn more:

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Cloisonne pins are a real piece of history. This process was actually created hundreds of years ago and is still popular today! People say that "nothing stays the same", except when you are in the pin business!

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It maybe a little cold outside and your motorcycle might be winterized but it is not too early to start to think about your motorcycle and biker pins!

We would love to see pictures of your motorcycle pins!
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The Pin People Partnering With Breaking The Silence To Help Bring More Awareness To Child Sexual Abuse:

The Pin People in partnership with Breaking The Silence help to transform the symbol of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness to a hand crafted lapel pin that can be worn to help bring awareness to the cause.

You can find out more about the reading the post including more information about Breaking the Silence.
#awareness #childsexualabuse #childsexualabuseprevention #lapelpins #breakingthesilence  
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