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Our lives are a liturgy. Is the object of your worship obvious by the way you love your spouse... your neighbor... your city... etc.?

Going through old notes and needed this reminder. "With Jesus, mission becomes worship. Without Jesus, mission becomes slavery." - Halim Suh

Praying for our brothers and sisters in Central TX. All that flooding is devastating. Creekside Church Redeemer Round Rock Center Church

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Sorry, the Bible doesn’t promise to make America great again

Behind every sin is a lie about God - Tim Chester

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Should be a great resource for the Church!

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"Why don't you like the Christians you know?" 2 very important questions!

Are we so satisfied with the desires for worldly things that we don’t have the capacity to feel our need for Christ? @anthemmarin

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Away With Utilitarian Arguments Against Abortion | TGC

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"We employ diluted idioms and semantics to describe their plight, diminishing their horrific circumstances."
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