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Would you like a bit of vintage in your kitchen? Will this do it for you?
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Got a tree in your yard? Then you'll love this DIY bench around a tree project!

It will provide shaded seating for you and your loved ones, aside from improving the look of your backyard. You can build one with a backrest for added comfort.

It's easy to build that you can even finish it in one day, given the proper tools and an extra hand from friends :)

Find inspiration from our gallery of bench designs on our site.
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Are you looking for a nice outdoor cooking idea for your backyard? Why not build a fire pit grill!

There are many great reasons to build a fire pit grill - all of them good that you can't go wrong with any of it...

Think your backyard could use a fire pit grill? Then have a look at our collection of ideas and be inspired to build your own!
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I smell some tri-tip grilling later +KarlaSue Bowkley​!
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It would seem odd to think of a 14m x 7m concrete box set deep in the ground as a ‘house of the sky’ and yet it is!

Take a tour of the Earth House, built in honor of Korean poet Yoon Doong-joo by viewing the gallery here...
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9 Simple Ideas For Making Your Own Adorable DIY Terrariums

Even if you're new to gardening, terrariums are super easy to make and incredibly low-maintenance. They also make great gifts and centerpiece.
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The seat you see here is just one of the many beautiful furniture transformations you can find. And this nice and simple tutorial will surely inspire you to do this kind of DIY project!

You can use this furniture as a telephone bench at home or a seating furniture at the foot of your bed.

What other ideas do you have for this old dresser seat?
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+Tyler D no tools or nothing good to work with.
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Build Your Own Compost Bin

Making compost is a great way to reduce your household waste and improve your soil quality at the same time. This compost bin is a sturdy, rodent- and rot free container for all your compost.
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We all know that an average toilet uses excessive amounts of clean water per flush. And that makes up a large part of every household's water consumption! Wouldn't it be nice if we could maximise the use of this clean water before they are flushed down the bowl?

A toilet tank sink makes that possible!
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+Dave Howey exactly, after I commented on this earlier I thought about it for a minute. Yes that is what they have in jail cells.
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How To Make Inexpensive No-Sew Roman Shades

Spruce up your window treatments by making this inexpensive no-sew roman shades from mini blinds.
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Here's something to delight the kids... and a lot of adults too! This solar-powered outdoor light fixture features three turtles on a log. It's a charming garden accent full of whimsy to greet you when you come home after dark.

Storing sunlight during the day and automatically turning on at twilight, the three amber-colored turtle shells emit a warm glow to provide just the right level of gentle ambient lighting for your enjoyment during barbecues, picnics, lawn parties, and more.

Would you like to have them in your backyard or garden?
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Learn How to Build Your Own Day Bed From Scratch

Is there anyone who doesn’t want a comfy space to sit outside? This project will give you a great place to read, relax and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
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Here's another easy project to bring more colour and life to your home! All you have to do is build it in one day, wait around five months and you'll have an eye-catching feature in your yard!

It's a really easy pallet project that anybody can build. You don't even have to worry about making the planter look very pretty. When your flowers have fully grown, the entire flower box would be unseen and all you will see is a seemingly explosion of colours. ;)

Is this going to be your next weekend project?
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