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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4

Yeah!!!!!!! Loving this game. ^.^
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will Final Fantasy XV have f2p singleplayer?
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This article alone has convinced me to make this game a Day One purchase. It helps that I never played the original. ^.^

I completely support the idea of devs dropping the publisher model and releasing their games on their own.
Earlier this week the creator of Oddworld lashed out at EA.
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Me an dis dude would get along fine cause I 100% agree with everything he said about publishers siding with share holders over the gamers. I to tend to drop alot of f bombs when speaking of EA. 
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PS4's full 2014 game lineup revealed, 102 games and counting! Read the full list:
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PSN Flash Sale - Thief and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 50% off until Thursday

Well, that was quick.

If you were holding off on these, now is a great time to get them.
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Well, bought those two from us PSN Store. Couldn't resist at 30$ for each game ;) 
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8.5? I'll take it! I at least know the game is fun to play so that's good enough for me. ^.^
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Seeing 9.5 at most places.
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To those who were complaining about the scheduled maintenance on PSN yesterday, I give you this:

The moral of the story: No system is perfect. Things go wrong. Things need improving. Don't panic and game on. ^.^
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D Arc
I agree 100%, but you know some pple wait for things like that so they can have something to gripe about.
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Bam! Now I have to backup my 8gb card and do the transfer. -.- Not a fun task. A lot of waiting. 
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+Chris Phillips +Richard Bembenek I don't prefer physical copies anymore based solely on physical space and keeping track of where games are.  Especially with the Vita.  I'd rather have them at my disposal to download than to have to carry around cards that could be potentially damaged or lost.  Then I'd be screwed.  Plus having a handful of games readily on the system, be it the Vita or my PS3 or PS4, it's just damn convenient that I don't have to get the disc and eject the one that's in there or put one in.  I can just power up and game.  Path of least resistance.  ^.^
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So this just happened...
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I just made a post and deleted it because I didn't see this one. This made me incredibly glad that Sony has their own version of this but man, PC gamers are about to get fucked I think. I don't know what the ramifications are going to be, but I abhor facebook as well as Zuckerberg. The guy is just a piece of shit. 
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For those that have a Vita.  It isn't live just yet, so it should be popping up pretty soon.  Translation: Tomorrow. ;)

It's okay though. ^.^
Woo-hoo! PS Vita software update 3.10 hits tonight, adds support for up to 500 apps on the home screen, Calendar app, ability to manage memory card content and more!
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I do wish I had a Vita 
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I definitely try to keep this in mind as much as possible in my life.
Human beings naturally pursue their own interests; however, self-centredness is very limiting. When you’re concerned about others, bullying and exploitation cease. There are two levels of compassion, one a biological instinct, the other the result of awareness. Just wishing to be compassionate, or saying that God or the Buddha wants us to be compassionate is not very effective. What we need is education and training.
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Master Control Operator for Broadcast Television/Freelance Comic Book Colorist
Sometimes you feel like seeing more than just black and white. That's where I come in.
I currently work in broadcast television and also do various freelance work as a colorist mainly for the comic book industry but also other areas of creativity where my skills are needed which include but are not limited to illustration and more traditional artwork.

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