My T440p T540p finally got back from the its depot repair, and as others have described, the trick to not having your motherboard get completely bricked if you want to boot Linux is to make sure UEFI boot is completely off --- Legacy mode only.  "Both" is not sufficient.   (UEFI must be a mystic arcane spell which means "brick your laptop".  After all, there's nothing quite so secure as a non-functional motherboard.  You definitely can't boot an unapproved OS that way!   :-)

On the whole, I'm really pleased.  The screen is gorgeous, although due to the fact that High DPI displays aren't yet well supported by Chrome, I'm currently forcing X to use a resolution of 1920x1080 instead of the native resolution of 2800x1620.  Yes, that means I'm throwing away 55% of my pixels, but compared to the 1600x900 display on the T430s or the 1366x768 on the x230, it's still a huge improvement.   Besides, even at 1920x1080, that's still a quite respectable DPI of 145, IMHO.    But then again, my first X display was a VS100 connected to VAX 750 with a 75 dpi screen.   (So I've always thought people who were complaining about the 118 dpi screens on the X230 or the 130 dpi screen on the T430 to be massive whiners.  :-)

I'm getting used to the lack of proper mouse buttons.  As long as the Touchpad is disabled from sending any mouse motions, and just being three zone mouse button, things are OK but not great.

I thought I would miss not having an explicit LED to indicate whether or not the T440p  T540p was sleeping or not, but it turns out that the red dot in the "Thinkpad" logo is actually an LED is on when the laptop is awake, and slowly pulses when the laptop is suspended.   And when you plug in the AC adapter, it flashes quickly a few times.  On the whole, while having the explicit LED's was much more convenient, the red lighted dot is, like the Touchpad, OK but not great.

The biggest problems I have right now is that the Ultra Dock isn't properly routing audio output to the rear jack (as also noted by [1]), and that Video ports on UltraDock also don't work (see bug [2]).


Both of these look like bugs in the Intel audio and graphics drivers, so I'm sure folks from Intel's OSTC will be looking at fixing them...
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