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A public service announcement regarding wanna-be kernel developer Nick Krause.
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If it's the NSA, it's 声东击西 (make a sound in the east, then strike in the west): You are all busy fighting the bad patches from an obvious idiot, so you miss some other bad patches from elsewhere while defending the kernel.
Dunning-Kruger hits the Linux kernel.  Film at 11.

EDIT: Hadn't read the mail before commenting, my bad ;-)
Wow. There but for the grace of FSM go I. Fortunately, when I almost did this exact same thing, +H. Peter Anvin warned me that it was a bad idea, and I listened. Thanks, Peter! :) 20 years later, it is still good advice.
We don't know he's a troll.  He could just be genuinely that clueless and resistant to advice on how to be less clueless.

Or it could be a very sophisticated psychology experiment where he will resurface in a few weeks' time with an apparently female name, and the goal is to measure kernel developers' response to idiots, and whether it is influenced by gender.  Who knows?
May be Facebook or OKCupir are running an experiment on kernel developers. Will wait for their official apology later.
Oh god, he appeared and posted on kernel newbies mailing list few days back and all the regulars were trying to teach him a thing or two about kernel newbie development but seems like he didn't learn anything.
+Sasha Levin But was the USB one actually introducing a bug?   Could usb_bus actually be NULL there?   Even a broken clock can be right twice a day, and if the commit is correct (or at least, not harmful), it should stay in the kernel.  We shouldn't be reverting all commits from Nick, just because they are from Nick, unless they are actually buggy.
Regarding the USB patch -- I'm not sure I would trust the guy to make the determination that NULL won't pop up there. (No offense, but it's possible he saw the comment, and saw an opportunity to get a patch into Linux.)

Hopefully someone else has confirmed the claim in the commit message.
+Scott Doty +Theodore Ts'o The code in the USB patch is fine and was Acked by the USB maintainers.

The problem is the comment part. It talks about completely different data structures, is not helpful and just plain crap. I'm sure that no maintainer should take a patch that looks like that.
Judging from his syntax and spelling both in the patch and in email replies, English must not be his first language, nor has he mastered it yet.  I would have asked for a better (and more accurate) description before accepting it, but that onus is on the maintainer isn't it?
Maybe M$ is trolling...

Nooo .. he seems to be 12-13y old with an attitude. Been there seen that.
I'm guessing English isn't his first language:

The comment in the code labels modes that aren't explicitly handled "crap", so he decides to call modes he's whitelisting "crap modes". I don't think he understands the code he's reading, or even what he really wants it to do.
I don't think it was a failure to understand English.  I suspect what happened was that he missed the '~' character.
my technique for getting code changed in the kernel is to whine at people with commit privileges or submit pr. It feels like the best path in.

I never wanted to own the consequences of having committed code.
His answers are very strange, they look like them were matematically construstructed from your complains.
May be this is IBM Watson is trying to help?
"... University Thesis on trolling the kernel development
process ..." + "... he's a badly written AI chatbot ..."
Now you know what Ballmer is doing lately.
Someone should tell this poor fellow that acting like a lazy clutz and leaning on others to do his dirty work, and doing so on a public mailing list, isn't exactly going to do wonders for his future career if he ever wants to get hired as a developer.

Luckily for him, though, it seems his name is eclipsed by an actor's when searching on Google (well, unless they are actually one and the same).
I've already been told off by tglx and al for my bad attitude and tone towards Nick so I'm the wrong person to talk, but Nick may have a mental illness.  Don't be too mean to crazy people because they could hurt themselves and you will feel bad.
N.K. has just mentioned on the kernelnewbies list that he has aspergers. I'm surprised that no-one asked earlier - it does make sense of his behaviour. I think this needs to be taken into account when interacting with him.
Actually have not seen a capable sw developer without asperger or adhd or little bit of autism or all combined...
The pattern of repeatedly promising that he will do something, such as testing his patches, and then not doing it, isn't a part of any Autism Spectrum disorder that I'm aware of. 
I was wrong here and I did talk to the devolopers about my commit message and they didn't care that much other then
Sarach  but it was already in mainline by Greg before I could fix it, that was true
In addition I was rightfullybanned from the list for not testing
my patches, honestly I would like to start fresh but that seems impossible now
+Nick Krause In the rare possibility that you aren't just trolling, I'll give you one final bit of advice before I shut down this G+ post to further comments.

In addition to your sloppiness with coding, the biggest problem with your behavior is that you say one thing and you do another.   You said you would test your patches before submitting; and you kept on submitting broken patches that couldn't possibly have compiled, let alone have been tested.   You've said multiple times that you were "rightfully banned", and yet you still tried to circumvent the ban by using alternate e-mail addresses.

Unfortunately, I suspect you are correct and it really is impossible for you to "start fresh", at least with the Linux kernel community.  You've had a huge number of chances, and you've blown them all.

In addition to trying do some solo work on your own to improve your technical skills, I encourage you to do some introspection and reach out to get some help from a counselor.   Perhaps a religious/spiritual counselor if your beliefs run in that direction; maybe a psychologist or psychiatrist; maybe a social worker.   Ask for some help about why you seem unable to accept advice, and why you seem to have some integrity issues where you say will do something, and then don't.  (And please don't use autism as an excuse; I'm not qualified to offer a medical diagnosis, but some of your actions are not attributable to any form of autism spectrum disorder that I'm aware of.)   And I say this not as an insult, but because I genuinely hope you can someday become a contributing member of the open source community --- and because I know that we are not capable of giving you the help that you desperately need.

Peace, and go with God.