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I'm currently trying to track down a problem reported by two ext4 users which appears to be a Lance Armstrong bug.   :-(
(rt) Lance Armstrong bug: when the code never fails a test, but evidence shows it's not behaving as it should.
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Isn't that when the code never fails a test, but performs better than the competition?
Hope it doesn't get kicked out of the Linux kernel.
I thought it was when you had to go through and erase all versions of that code from your version control history.
This is more of a "mad fiancee" bug: Something is most definitely wrong, eerie, threatening - but if you test for it you get told everything is fine. 
+Thilo Fromm, just wait until it becomes a "spouse" bug. Then, no testing at all is needed before you hear about it! ;-)
Well I'm glad you didn't try to debug ReiserFS... Because then you could have fallen victim to the "Hans Reiser bug", are you married?
If Hans Reiser was married to Lance Armstrong, we'd be able to kill and kick out all the bugs in the kernel.
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