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22nd September l 4 PM BST | 11 AM EDT | 8 AM PT

Three letters are incredibly important to every marketing professional. ROI.

As a marketer, ROI (return on investment), defines the success of a campaign, and informs decision-making and budget creation all the way throughout the enterprise up to the C-suite.

Without ROI, it can be difficult to report the success or failure of a campaign, especially for social media activities.

If your company is spending money on social media marketing, they’ll certainly want, and likely need, to see the ROI.

Unfortunately, many marketers don’t measure ROI on their social media marketing efforts - because they don’t know how or simply don’t have the resources and tools to do so.

During this hour-long hangout, Brandwatch VP of Inbound Marketing, Joel Windels, will address these unanswered questions and uncertainties, along with four leading social media industry influencers:
Eric T. Tung (Digital Recruiting Evangelist, BMC Software) 

Ted Rubin (Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators) 

Lauren Perkins (Founder and CEO, Perks Consulting) 

Mike Allton (CMO, SiteSell) 

These social media influencers will share their advice and expertise on best practices for how to connect social to dollars and measure marketing professionals can calculate that elusive social ROI.

The discussion will focus around the following core questions:
1. What ROI measurement methodologies should be used when tracking the value of social?
2. Can everything be measured in dollars, or is there a limit? Where does that limit lie?
3. What role does social play in proving the ROI of other activities? Can social data inform the ROI of, say, a TV ad or billboard campaign?

We hope to see you there!

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Wat is er voor nodig om een social command center voor jouw organisatie in te richten en hoe zorg je ervoor dat deze ook iets oplevert? Onze collega Theo Reichgelt legt het uit in zijn blog!

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Zie hier hoe duizenden medewerkers van DIRECTV samenwerken met behulp van Jive. Meer weten? Wij helpen je graag met deze vooruitstrevende technologie!

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How does your organization organize social media? Do you have a Director of Social Media or just a social media team? Read my thoughts on setting up the perfect social media team.

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Ons appartement in Groesbeek komt per 1 juni vrij en is weer te huur. Leuke maisonnette midden in het gezellige centrum van Groesbeek. Mooie lichte woonkamer, open keuken, twee ruime slaapkamers, dakterras, berging en bergzolder.
Meer informatie via 24Home Rentals: 
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